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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to look at the education of our children in new ways. Homeschooling became a new norm and priority for families as cities and states went under lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. As cities and towns started reopening as the months progressed, many families still wanted to keep their children at home, away from the chance to spread the virus, and homeschooling has gained popularity. If you are looking for a more flexible, creative online learning environment for your child, you should look into Next Level Homeschool.

Why Should You Consider Next Level Homeschool?

Parents want their homeschoolers to have high quality resources and learning, with added flexibility. Next Level Homeschool offers both. The courses are based in strong academics, no fluff or surface skimming! Your children don’t have to watch and login to live meetings. Classes are on your schedule. Lesson plans are multi-media, consisting of in-depth PowerPoints with images and videos to enhance the material. All slides are fully narrated for those who are auditory learners. In addition, you can find a wide range of optional supplemental activities so you can customize your child’s educational experience based on their individual learning style and needs.

How Does it Work?

Courses are offered as flexi-schedule classes. This means that there is no set time frame for the course material to be presented in (for example, Mondays from 1-2 p.m.). Not having live classes allows students from all over the world to participate, no matter their time zone! It also creates a flexible learning environment for families that have busy schedules. Course material is uploaded each week to an online, password protected forum.

Homework assignments are also given each week. This information is accessible for the entirety of the course, so students can work when their schedule permits. The online forum allows students to interact with the teacher, and maybe even more importantly with each other, on that week’s topic. This allows for an entirely new dynamic to the learning experience. Students get the opportunity to study the material, think about it, and whenever a question or idea arises, they can enter it into the forum and receive feedback from the teacher and their peers. Dialogues are ongoing and interactive.

Classes ran the gamut, from art and language arts, to math, history, and science. Students can also look at a special section of projects to expand their learning and knowledge.




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