Forgetting Is A Good Thing

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After last night’s nightmare it’s ironic to me that the prompt for today’s August BlogHer NaBloPomo is: “Is there any good that comes from forgetting?”

I have a very selective memory! I make the decision to remember things right as things are happening or not. (Now when it comes to remembering buying things from the store, if I don’t have a list it’s not going to end up in our home most likely!) I’m talking about the big things in life!

Due to my abuse as a kid, I don’t hang on to the hard times in my life very much. I don’t keep a record of wrongs done to me by others. I choose to forgive and forget. It takes to much energy for me to hang onto to my anger for others. Plus I really don’t want to hang onto the memories of the nightmarish periods of my life.

It doesn’t do me or anyone else really any good at all. In fact when I do gain a flashback, it does nothing but cause me to be a bear to live with. I start to doubt myself and everything about my current life as a result. I don’t like who I become or how I feel.

The nightmare I had last night was between me and my best friend from college. I literally had a fight with her over something, and I have no clue what it was. However, I do remember stating “I don’t remember what happened or what I did. You know that was a terrible part of my life, and I choose to black out the hard parts of my life.”

I felt horrible that I didn’t remember whatever caused us issues. I know I remember many of the things that happened in my life if I really dig into my memory. However, I don’t like to go down those dark alleys of my mind.

For me the answer would clearly be. YES, it is good to forget!

What about you?



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