Game Day Fun Ideas With Printables

Game Day Fun1

Howdy Ya’ll! It’s Heather from Daily DIY Life! I’m so happy that Crystal asked me to share with you a few of the fun ways we celebrate the big game. A few quick and easy printables with game day fun ideas that will kick your Super Bowl Party off to a great start. For the […]

#TidbitsThursday Making Scheduling Social Posts Better

#TidbitsThursday Making Scheduling Social Media Posts Better

I hear many bloggers talking about Co-Schedule still. I have even used it myself, but I can’t bring myself to continue to spend $10.00 a month on it when it doesn’t do everything I want it to do anymore. I’ve been on the hunt for other ways to make social media scheduling easier for me. […]

Team Us Marriage Together

Team Us Marriage Together

Our relationships in our marriages have to be the toughest thing to maintain above and beyond any other type of relationships we have in our lives. That is the primary reason I write my marriage tips posts. I want to help you find a way to rekindle those passionate flames in your marriages. I also […]

23 Blast Movie Review #23Blast

23 Blast Movie Review #23Blast

It’s been a while since I have had the chance to get a movie worth watching. I FINALLY got my hands on another wholesome family movie worth watching thanks to FlyBy Promotion. We were given  to watch in exchange for an honest review, but I assure you that it had absolutely no impact on our […]

40 Ways to Make Memories with your Family

40 Ways to Make Memories as a Family

The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital, still reeling from her miraculous adoption story, I marveled at her tiny size.  I kissed every one of those miniature toes and was awestruck as her soft finger curled around mine. Yet those moments with my newborn were fleeting, as she grew quickly and blossomed […]

The Divine Design For Womanhood

I have done many biblical Bible studies throughout my life. I must admit that I’m a huge fan of Beth Moore’s Bible studies. I have always enjoyed her methods and the way she presents things. For as much as I love her study plans, I wanted to branch out and try out a different group […]

$200 Lush Décor Giveaway

$200 Lush Decor Giveaway

I don’t have very many things when it comes to bedding and bath stuff. I honestly wish I had a lot more of it. The funny thing is for as much as I love bed linen and bath stuff you would think I’d have a house full of different comforter sets and sheets. I did […]

Keeping Your Calm Over the Holidays

As the holiday season is revving up full speed ahead, you’re probably beginning to feel overwhelmed. From the shopping to the gatherings and decorating frenzy, you hardly have a moment to catch your breath. It’s time to slow down and relax. Tackle each obstacle one by one and you won’t feel so pressured. Keep calm […]

2015 Winter Biannual Blogathon Is ON

2015 Winter Biannual Blogathon Is ON

If you’ve been following me at all since I’ve started blogging then you know I am a HUGE fan of the Biannual Blogathon events. I always manage to get a good bit done during these events. I also make a lot of new blogging friends. Plus I usually learn a good bit to boot. This […]

Benefits of Contacts

If you have been to an eye doctor and know that you need some kind of assistance in order to be able to see, don’t think that you have to wear glasses all of the time. You can wear contact lens that will allow you to see just as well but without having something sitting […]