Organize Thousands of Movies With This System

Organize Thousands of Movies with This System

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are huge movie buffs in this house. What you may not know is I love to collect movies!! We literally has thousands, and I mean we’re talking well over 5000 movies in this house. Since I like to watch movies … [Read More...]

What's More Important? The Students or Their Scores?

What is more important? The Student or Their score?

Homeschooling, my kids, has taught me a lot. Since we use our state’s public online school system, Connections Academy, we still have to worry about the upcoming standardized testing this spring. Since I prepared most of my life to be a teacher, I … [Read More...]

Mothering From Scratch Book Review

I’ve mentioned in my last book review of Motivate Your Child that I’m always on the hunt for tips and tricks to parent better. As I was reading , I had  on the way to me to review too from Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo. These lovely ladies are … [Read More...]

The Perfect Mom's Retreat

The Perfect Mom’s Retreat

Moms need a special place to hide away. While some moms like to do gardening and other activities, choosing a room within the home to retreat is important. The best room in the house to retreat to is the bedroom. Every bedroom should be equipped with … [Read More...]

Forever Strong on Netflix

In a society where finding quality wholesome family entertainment is becoming harder and harder to find, it’s nice to know that big companies like Netflix are still making sure it’s easy to still find them on their networks. This past weekend Delbert … [Read More...]