Make Your Easter Egg Hunt Unique

Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Oriental Trading is helping me to give you some unique Easter egg hunt ideas to make this moment special this year. I got the chance to review several different Easter products from them, but today I’m focusing on our Easter Egg hunting experiences … [Read More...]

Learning and Growing Our Blogs Together

Learning and Growing Our Blogs Together

The weeks seem to be flying by faster than lightning can strike a tree during a terrible nasty storm. This week I’ve got some simple basic news. I believe we all need to be in the blogging trenches together. When you’re first starting out, you’re … [Read More...]

The Better Comes After the Worse

The Better Comes After the Worse

Del and I have been together for many years now. Through those years, we’ve played the yo-yo game a lot. We’ve even gone so far as to marry other people and end up right back where we started. If I had learned the value lesson that “the better comes … [Read More...]

Organize Thousands of Movies With This System

Organize Thousands of Movies with This System

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are huge movie buffs in this house. What you may not know is I love to collect movies!! We literally has thousands, and I mean we’re talking well over 5000 movies in this house. Since I like to watch movies … [Read More...]

What's More Important? The Students or Their Scores?

What is more important? The Student or Their score?

Homeschooling, my kids, has taught me a lot. Since we use our state’s public online school system, Connections Academy, we still have to worry about the upcoming standardized testing this spring. Since I prepared most of my life to be a teacher, I … [Read More...]