Get Wrapped Up For The Holidays With Jamberry Nails!

Jamberry Nails Holiday Designs

This holiday season, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas that you love the most, deck out your nails with the newest Jamberry Nails wrap designs! With all of the hustle and bustle of party planning, shopping, baking, and house cleaning, no one has time to go to a salon to have their nails done. With Jamberry [...]

Top 9 Blogging Newsletters You’ll Want!

9 Blogging Newsletters You Want #bloggingtips #TidbitsThursday #blogging

By now, you already know I’m a blogging educational junkie. I love learn how others became successful with blogging and read their tips. I have a nine blogging newsletters that I get daily, and I may not read hardly any other emails I get but when these newsletters hit my inbox the first chance I [...]

Destiny for PS4 Questions and Feedback

Today is October 30, 2014 and I read over 100 comments about the PS4 Mentor Bounty. Most people are complaining about the PS4 getting exclusive content that the XBOX One and other platforms didn’t get. I personally own all of the game systems. I currently own Destiny for both the PS4 and XBOX One too. [...]

Carole P. Roman $200 Amazon and Kindle Books Giveaway

You already know that I am a fan of Carole P Roman’s work. My kids look forward to her new books. Her most recent one is no exception to the rule. You will love to read this story to your kids as much as they will enjoy listening to it.  Award winning author Carole P. [...]

I Enjoyed a Unique Gaming Experience at GameVillage Bingo

I was introduced to bingo games much earlier in my life. As a kid I had always seen the elderly people playing bingo at parties. And, perhaps at that point of time I was quite intrigued with the idea of playing online bingo games. As a kid, everyone is curious to grow up but my [...]

Manic Drive VIP CD Review and Giveaway

Manic Drive CD Review and Giveaway #manicdrive

We have been looking for new music now for a while. We have been blessed with the chance to get our hands on a couple of good CDs to review lately. The newest one we got to review is the Manic Drive’s latest album VIP, which released on October 14th and thanks to Flyby Promotions in [...]

VeggieTales In The House Sing a Silly Song Contest

VeggieTales In The House Sing a Silly Song Contest

My family is counting down until VeggieTales In The House goes live on Netflix. We know from our VeggieTales Day Event in Nashville, that the VeggieTales are getting a new look with the same great message. One of the things they are wanting to do in this new series is give their VeggieFans the chance [...]

A Lifelong Love Book Review and Giveaway

A Lifelong Love Review and Giveaway

I’m currently headed into my seven year mark with being married to Del. I have heard many things about the Seven Year Itch, but I haven’t been married long enough to feel it. I can say that I don’t see Del and I having to worry about that itch at all due to our history [...]

Simple Quilt Projects For Kids

Simple Quilt Projects For Kids

I’ve been talking about making a bunch of quilt projects for kids with Crystal for some time now. We’ve already got a couple ready to share with you all. Delbert was with me the other night, and he saw all my pretty strips of scrap material laying around. He asked if he could have it. Of [...]

Warriors of Honor Review

I was given Warriors of Honor to review from New Liberty Videos as a part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew to do an honest blog review. Jimmy and I went through the list of movies we could pick from, and there were several interesting looking videos on New Liberty Videos. We had a time deciding [...]

Thirty-One The Classic Gift

Thirty-One The Classic Gift

I’m on the hunt for Christmas gifts to get everyone on my list. I’ve been reaching out to my friends who do direct marketing, and Chasity responded telling me about her latest specials she has going on with her Thirty-One specials she has going on right now. I quickly became quite interested because I’ve seen [...]