Check Out These Family Friendly Movies Reviews

Family Friendly Movies Reviews

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for visiting!Since last week’s wholesome movie reviews  was such a big hit I figured I’d continue the trend and share my family friendly movies reviews on movies we’ve watched that have been really good. I have to agree that it really is [...]

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Reality Shock Book Review

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Reality Shock!

I have been a fan of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not since I was little girl. I have visited their locations in Myrtle Beach, SC and Toronto, Canada and totally enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I have not been able to take my kids to these awesome locations. When I was given the chance to review [...]

My #VeggieTalesDay Event

My #VeggieTalesDay Event

Dreamworks Animation provided travel expenses and hosting a #VeggieTalesDay Event for myself along with many other wonderful bloggers to learn more about many of their upcoming events. Here is some highlights from our trip there. Be on the look out  for some cute little posts from her sharing more about the VeggieTales. She has gained [...]

Our 2014-2015 Classroom

Our 2014-2015 Classroom

As I finish off my posts for the 5 Day Homeschool Blog Hop, I thought it would be nice to show you how we have our classroom set up for 2014-2015. So far we have homeschooled more on than off in the past three years. We LOVE it. However, it seems with each passing year [...]

Back To School Giveaway

As a homeschooling parent, I’m always on the lookout for a great giveaway that offers something that can really benefit us. This is a great giveaway hop worth being a part of. Be sure to enter. I have partnered with The Review Wire to help promote this Back To School Giveaway that includes : 3 [...]

#LearnToBlog Hangout VIP Forum Is a #Bloggers One-Stop-Place

#LearntoblogVIP Forum Is a #Bloggers One-Stop-Place

I have been a blogging forum lover for quite some time. I’m a fan of MomDot VIP forum and have been for well over a year now. The MomDot VIP forum group has really helped me grow my blogging career in making connections with public relations and other bloggers. I won’t be leaving that forum [...]

Brainstorming About This Year’s Homeschooling Schedule

Brainstorming About This Year's Homeschooling Schedule #homeschooling #organization

This year like any other year is bringing with it new challenges for fitting everything in for a day. This year we have to juggle both boys in school, my blog, my husband’s blog, and my VA work along with life in general (i.e. running errands, cooking, cleaning and having some down time.) Plus I [...]

Forgetting Is A Good Thing

After last night’s nightmare it’s ironic to me that the prompt for today’s August BlogHer NaBloPomo is: “Is there any good that comes from forgetting?” I have a very selective memory! I make the decision to remember things right as things are happening or not. (Now when it comes to remembering buying things from the [...]

This Week Wholesome Movies

This Week Wholesome Movies

I’m pleased that I had the chance to watch two really wholesome movies with my kids. Our Wild Hearts Movie Review I’m still in the midst of watching this movie, but it speaks to my horse loving soul so much! This movie is about a 15 year old city girl who takes a chance and [...]

Being Vulnerable About My Depression

Vulnerable About My Depression #depression

Robin Williams’s death has shaken me to my core. Not because I know him personally, but because I have been a fan of his for most of my life. His work has been something that has helped me during my hard days of depression. I’ve mentioned before I have suffered with depression for as long [...]

The Identical Movie Review

We were given the chance to watch this movie in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped our opinion of this movie. This review is done by my mother-in-law due to time constraints I couldn’t view the movie myself. She kindly offered to do it for me. These are her thoughts. [...]