Why My Kids Don't Get An Allowance

Why My Kids DON’T Get an Allowance

This post has been brewing in my mind for A LONG time now. I pinned a post about kids receiving an allowance a long time ago, and that post has been repined more than any other pin I’ve ever pinned. It is filled with many VALID points. I’m not going … [Read More...]

Mother's Day Gifts That Offer Mother Encouragement

Mother’s Day Gifts That Offer Mother Encouragement

I have found that the toughest job I've ever signed up for was that of becoming a mother. I love my kids and they are my true delight in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but they keep me on my toes more than anything else ever … [Read More...]

Feel Beautiful With Caress The Forever Collection

Feel Beautiful With Caress The Forever Collection

As a wife and a mother of three kids trying to homeschool my children and run a business from home, there is little time for me to stop and do for me. On most days, I honestly and truly wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband is my better half and … [Read More...]

Nutrition Tips For Work At Home Mom

Nutrition Tips for Work at Home Mom

Most moms that work at home do not find it any easier to eat healthily, and this also includes planning meals for their families. Moms that work from home often find themselves snacking more frequently, and skipping important meals throughout the … [Read More...]

Life Lesson Quotes to Motivate You

Life Lesson Quotes To Motivate You

I love to gain wisdom from those who are older than me. I have spent many a day listening to stories of older couples who have been friends of the family for years. To this day, I will go visit them to gain life quotes to motivate me. I read a post … [Read More...]