Wake Up Your Love With This Marriage Devotional

Wake Up Your Love With This Marriage Devotion

Marriage is something that can be a challenge even in the best of marriages. Many times due to life changes our marriage has to take the back seat to every other obligation we have. The one pattern I have seen throughout the years in successful marriages is the ability to continue to love deeply every […]

My Christmas Memory With My Dad

My Christmas Memory With My Dad

We’re are in the midst of the holiday season, and now seems to be the time when we tend to think about family members you don’t get to see at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas anymore for whatever reason. It’s during these time periods where lingering conflicts with a family member for no apparent reason begins to […]

Meet the New LG OLED TV Available at Best Buy

LG OLED TV at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. I’ve stressed many times over now that Best Buy is the place to buy technology products for yourself and your family members. Every computer and laptop we’ve ever bought has come […]

Sing the Bible with Slugs and Bugs Music CD Review

Sing the Bible CD with Slugs and Bugs

I am a huge music lover. I totally enjoy listening to various different kinds of music. Thanks to Slugs & Bugs for the chance to do this review/giveaway of Sing the Bible with Slugs and Bugs in exchange for an honest post. I must say that overall I enjoyed listening to this CD. Basics of […]

FIAT 500 It’s More Than I Thought

FIAT 500

I am a huge car lover. My Dad installed that trait in me from the time I was young girl by taking me to car shows. As a result, I do tend to pay attention when I see new car commercials come on TV. Lately, they have been making them flashy and really flamboyant. Fiat […]

4 Things To Do in Covington, GA

Ginn Chevrolet Covington, GA

I enjoy making mythical trips for our family in hopes of one day being able to actually go explore the places that I find that would be worth visiting. Since I’m here in the South, I love to explore in our southern towns across the US. Tonight I found out that Covington, GA has plenty […]

Reasons To Hire Slip And Fall Attorneys

Some stores don’t place signs near wet areas on the floor, and you might slip and fall because of the spill. This situation, along with a few others, is why you might need the assistance of slip and fall lawyers who can help get you the compensation that you need for being out of work […]

10 Things For Teen Girls Book Review and Giveaway

10 Things For Teen Girls Book Review and Giveaway

I don’t have a teenager here with me, but I have one that resides in my heart all the time. I was pleased to have the chance to review 10 Things For Teen Girls by Kate Conner from Family Christian in exchange for an honest blog review. I was eager to read what someone else […]

Poptropica: Forgotten Island Review

Poptropica: Forgotten Island Review

I got a game called Poptropica: Forgotten Island to review. Poptropica: Forgotten Island is where you’re exploring other islands while riding a blimp. Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is a game for kids ages 6-12 primarily, but I can see older people playing it too. The way you move around from island to island and on the […]

Snake Oil Educational Game Review

Snake Oil Educational Game Review Christmas Gift Suggestion

We have been trying to incorporate more homeschooling board game action into our lives on a weekly routine. Luckily as our last review with the SchoolHouse Review Crew we got the chance to review Snake Oil from   Out of the Box Games in exchange for an honest blog review. Snake Oil Game is an interesting game […]

Turkey in Disguise Project

Turkey In Disguise

One day there was a turkey that didn’t want to be eaten but the hunters were wanting to get him on the table. The turkey started running and tried to get away by disguising himself as a bush, a woof, and a duck by finding costumes. Unfortunately, they found him and they captured him. He […]