New Family Favorites From SONIC®

New Sonic Favorites

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for visiting!As I already mentioned we are guilty of eating out far more than we should, but that really does have a lot to do with the fact that we get tired of eating the same meals all the time here due [...]

10 Blog Writing Tips

10 Blog Writing Tips #bloggingtips #blogging #learntoblog

I have seen many new bloggers who do not style their blog posts in a manner that make it easy to read in our fast paced life. I know if you read some of my older blog posts you’ll see these same offenses happening on my very own blog. I just haven’t slowed down enough [...]

When You Have Every Reason to Leave Your Marriage

When You Have Every Reason to Leave Your Marriage #marriage #inspiration

It is my mission to do everything I can to inspire everyone to save their marriages as much as they can. I have lived through my parents getting divorced multiple times and then I got divorced twice myself. I know the impact divorce has on those who go through it and the lives of kids [...]

Give Your Child Their Own To-Do List

Child Daily To-Do List

I was given My Student Logbook to review as part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew in exchange for an honest blog review. My Student Logbook is a book that is designed to make it easier for parents to communicate with their children who are 2nd grade and up on what tasks we expect them to [...]

The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner Review

7 Minute Life™ Planner Review

I was given the chance to review this 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner from The 7 Minute Life as a part of being in Schoolhouse Review Crew, but all opinions and thoughts are my own. When I received this planner I honestly was eager to dig into it and see how it would help to [...]

Baltic Amber Giveaway

Welcome to the Amber by Amanda Baltic Amber giveaway event! Baltic Amber stands offers a natural, drug-free alternative to the relief of teething pain in children. It’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal as a natural homeopathic product for children and adults alike. Baltic Amber has been known to: • boost the immune system [...]

Destiny vs. Defiance Video Games

Destiny vs. Defiance Video Games

I have Destiny on the PS 4 and Defiance on the PS 3. Both are multiplayer online games. Here are the differences that I see between them right off the bat. Chat – Defiance has an open chat box for texting and voice chat for all different types of groups. Destiny only has communication between [...]

My Take on Destiny the Game

My Take on Destiny the Game

First I’d like to say that I’m an avid gamer that will play all types of games. Saying that, I really like the concept of Destiny. The game play is good. The graphics are very nice. Interaction with other players as far as fighting and coming up on them is okay. Chat is lacking. You [...]

The Peppermint Essential Oil Attack

The Peppermint Essential Oil Attack

Our household has another family favorite item! I’ve mentioned many times how much I love to have a house that smells really good. I literally have candles and lighters all over my house. However, now that we have Romeo (our cat) and Zeva has become more of a monkey, I worry about them turning the [...]

#TidbitsThursday Everything But the Blog Post Book Review

#TidbitsThursday Everything but the Blog Post #BookReview

I am always on the hunt for the newest and finest blogging tips I can find to share with you. I love to learn everything I can about blogging. It’s become a major obsession for me. I’ve been working diligently to put into practice some of the things I’ve learned, and I can tell a [...]