Zip&Tone Belt: A 2-in-1 Belt for your Abs and Butt

Most of us would like a perfectly toned abdomen or toned buttocks, but it’s hard to achieve. There are so many different exercises but sometimes we need a little extra help to fight those stubborn fatty deposits that just won’t go away. Evertone, a company specializing in products to help you safely exercise from the comfort of your home, has introduced the Zip & Tone Belt. This belt is specialized to help you tone your abs and your butt. While regular exercises only stimulate around 30% of your muscles, the other 70% remain inactivated. The Zip & Tone Belt helps to maximize muscle stimulation and you can get up to 770 muscle contractions in a 10-minute session. This dual belt not only stimulates muscles but also strengthens them.

The Zip & Tone Belt fits around your abdomen area and your butt area to hit the specific muscle trigger points to help you strengthen and shape. The belt can also be used on the upper thigh area. The belt has 6 different modes and 30 intensity levels. You can get around 180 unique workouts from this one belt with different combinations. If you want to bypass the fat layer around in your belly, you can also open the zipper placing the top and bottom two unzipped parts on top of and below your belly, respectively. This will directly stimulate the abdomen muscles for maximum results.

The Zip & Tone is not a product to replace your regular exercise and diet routine but rather gives you a boost in fighting the hard to define areas. The Zip & Tone Belt is currently being funded on and you can get an early bird discount of $100 off. Their estimated shipping date is set for November 2019.




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  1. I bought 2 zip and tone belts and I can get the controller to work…its stays on for about 10 seconds then turns its self off and wont come back on I have to remove the battery to get the controller to activate please advise how to activate the controller.


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