Why He Doesn’t Tell You You’re Beautiful

One of the most heard of complaints with married women who have been in a long term relationship is the fact that their spouse doesn’t whisper sweet nothings in their ears. Often times it becomes a distant memory. As a result, marriages start to crumble. Crystal shared 12 Days of Saving Your Marriage Using Only Christmas Gifts in hopes of helping marriages overcome many of these issues. I personally wanted to address the whole lack of compliments issue.

Crystal’s looks have drastically changed throughout the twenty plus years I’ve known her. She has been skinny, just right, and now fluffy. However, regardless as to how she’s looked my love for her has never diminished. If anything the longer we’re together the more my love for her grows. Yet, she complains that I don’t tell her how beautiful she is or what I think of when it concerns her looks. I have to remind her that I never really did it.

Why He Doesn't Tell You You're Beautiful


I was taught that looks does not make a person more lovable. I’ve witnessed my mom and stepfather stay in a loving marriage for over 30 years. I always wanted a marriage made for life. So, when I fell in love, it was with WHO and WHAT she was like. Not how she looked!

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I have asked some of my fellow guy friends if they have the same mentality. To me, Crystal will always be beautiful. I don’t see her looks, I see HER. So, yes, I fail to tell her that I think she looks beautiful or sexy in an outfit.

If she does happen to wear an outfit that I really like, I do bring it up, but that is the extent of my complimenting her looks. I never want her to feel like she has to lose weight to please me or make me want her.

I’ve found that many of my guy friends feel the same way I do. We have our “love blinders” on. To us, our women are the most beautiful women alive. We may look at other women, but none of them will ever compare to the women we have right next to us.

So, ladies, if your husband doesn’t tell you that you’re beautiful or sexy that often (or at all), and still shows you that he loves you in other ways rest assured to him YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



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