What to Expect When Your Expecting-Movie Review

I found this movie to be a great movie. It started off a little bit slower than expected. However, it did get better. It was good for a good laugh, which was what I was expecting it to give me.

I love how they portrayed pregnancy from many different angles. Every woman has a different experience with pregnancy. I personally was a lot like this woman in this video throughout all of my pregnancies. I HATED being pregnant. I was excited about bringing in a new life and new child into the world (well, after I got use to the idea with Delbert–at first I was cussing and ranting and raving because I knew I was up for a huge promotion at work that I desperately wanted!!! Not to mention, I was scared to death after what my first born put me through during that pregnancy. With Zeva, I was excited from the first sign of true blue morning sickness and couldn’t wait for the tests to come back positive since we had been trying for four years to have her in the first place.)

I couldn’t get over how the woman who was having twins was so calm and happy throughout the entire pregnancy. It literally made me feel like she wasn’t pregnant at all. Now I could relate to her in one way, I definitely wanted Del sexually more than ever (which definitely added pressure for him to say the least.)

I kept laughing every time they would say we forget about all of it after the baby is born. Sorry…buckoos I have yet to forget any of what I went through. That doesn’t mean though that I regret a single bit of the pain and misery I endured. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat to have my wonderful children. (Jimmy and I endured a totally different type of growing experience that made us bond for life.) With Ava, my first born, I remember being sick as a dog and literally crawling to the bathroom and laying in the bathroom crying my eyes out and being scared to death that I wasn’t going to survive until my husband got home to take me to the hospital. I was in so much pain with her it was unreal. With Delbert, my middle son, I remember how active he was in my belly (to this day he’s still my hipper one!!) I also remember thinking I’d never get his HUGE head out to save my life. His head is still big for his age. With Zeva, I just remember having to watch what I ate like a hawk. Plus she was riding so utterly low the last month, that I honestly expected her to pop out on me at any moment while I was walking around. I imagined myself giving birth in a public bathroom several times or walking through a store that’s how low she was riding.

Every woman has an unique experience with pregnancy. As parents we definitely give up a lot for our kids. I know I personally gave up having horses. Del has put off getting another motorcycle. There are many things in life we give up for them, but we gain so much more than we can ever begin to imagine by having our kids in our lives!!

I know we personally gain so much laughter, joy, headaches, heart aches, cringes of fear, proud moments, moments of delight, and lots of moments of happiness. There is nothing like the love of a child. Nothing beats watching your kids grow up and know that you played a role in them becoming the people they are suppose to be.

What do you remember about your/your wife’s pregnancy?? What is your favorite thing about being a parent/grandparent??



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  1. I’m seeing a lot of different opinions about this movie, but I love Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock, so I have hope it is a good movie. My co-worker at Dish is expecting, and we both want to see this movie in case it provided any funny insights. It sounds like we won’t be disappointed, I’m adding this movie to my Blockbuster @home DVD queue, and will receive this in the mail within a few days. We’ve had rather gloomy weather where I live, and this is a perfect “zone-out-in-my-pjs” movie to jump start my early weekend.

  2. I remember disliking pregnancy but at the same time I didn’t have to hold my stomach in when I sat down, That really meant a lot to me!


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