Technology and Marriage Series…

Well, I decided it’s time to talk about some pretty neat ideas with you all. Some may come as a huge shock to your system as you read them, but hopefully you’ll give me your feed back with your own experiences.

In House Room Service
Has your spouse ever had a period time when they WEREN’T sick that they just wanted a few hours to just lay back on the bed and read or lounge somewhere alone and unwind?? Yesterday Del had one of those moments. He just needed an escape without having to go anywhere. So, I left him alone.
About an hour into it, he’s calling me on my cell phone from our bedroom. He says, “Is this the number for room service??” Instead of getting upset, I reply back..”It can be, what would you like to order?” with a sexy under tone to my voice. He asks what his menu options are to gain something sweet to eat with chocolate. So, I list off all the choices for him. He orders brownies. So, the kids and I made him brownies. We talked about wonderful traits Daddy has as if he wasn’t in the house, which means we tend to talk loud enough anyone within a few feet of the house could hear us, including Del.

Del enjoyed his snack in bed. We made him feel like a king. It was such a small thing, but it made a world of difference in his mood. Plus it let him know that we treasure him enough to do it for him. Plus the kids got to learn about serving others.

It lead to another feature as well…but that’s for the next part of this series….until tomorrow for that part.

What is something that you do for your spouse that is special and it starts because of technology allowing you to do it??




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