What is RS Gold & How Do You Buy It?

Want to enjoy the best that RuneScape has to offer? Then you need the same thing in-game that you do IRL, and that is currency. RuneScape gold, also abbreviated “RS gold,” is the currency of the game, and you require it to do just about everything.

Can you earn RS gold in the game? Of course. But here’s the thing. Oftentimes, you’ll discover that you need gold to make gold. You want to earn good money without wasting a ton of time on tedious tasks? Okay, go hunting or thieving. But wait—you’ll have a hard time with those if you haven’t levelled up and bought decent equipment. And you cannot get the equipment you need without the gold.

So, what are your options as a newbie? Well, you can slog through fishing or mining, but let’s face it—it is going to feel like a chore. You could try flipping items, but if you aren’t careful, you can find yourself stuck with items that have lost their value in a matter of hours. And that brings us around to the fast, easy solution, which is to buy RuneScape gold instead.

How to Buy RS Gold

Ready to skip the monotonous grinding? You can visit RSOrder.com to purchase Runescape gold. Here are the steps to get the gold you need.

1. Click the link above to navigate to the sales page.

2. Scroll through and decide how much gold you want to buy. You will see the price listed for each amount in US Dollars.

3. Click “Buy Now” when you see an offer you like.

4. Review your order on the checkout page. You can switch to a different currency on this page if you want. Enter in your RS display name and put in your discount code if you have one.

5. Enter in your name and contact information and select a payment method. If you have any special instructions, you can put them in the comments field. Submit your order.

6. Connect on the 24/7 Live Chat Help line. The chat agent will tell you where you can meet the agent in-game.

7. Go to the specified location, and the in-game agent will show up and give you the gold.

As you can see, this is a simple, straightforward process. Moreover, you don’t have to share your login information with anyone. Nobody but you needs access to your account at any point in the process.

benefits of runescape gold

You do not need to worry about being caught either; this service uses high-level accounts for trading and takes other steps to ensure that Jagex will not connect you with illegal gold farming.

RSOrder.com offers lightning-fast turnaround times. You should receive your RS gold within 10 minutes of placing your order.

Once you have your RuneScape gold, you can purchase better equipment, travel, and train your skills. You will then be able to earn gold more efficiently on your own and participate in the higher level fun that RuneScape has to offer.

Benefits of RuneScape Gold

When you start a new character in RuneScape, you enter the world of Gielinor at the bottom of the barrel. You’ll be in sore need of equipment and resources, and you will require the game’s currency, RuneScape gold, to purchase them.

But how can you get RS gold as a newbie? You’ll be stuck doing some pretty monotonous grinding if you decide to earn it all yourself. A better option is to buy RuneScape gold through a service like RSOrder.com. Here are the benefits of doing so.

1. Skip tedious tasks.

If you buy RS gold as a low-level player, you can avoid doing boring, repetitious tasks like mining in order to get it. If you are totally new to the game, you might find those tasks interesting at first. But before you know it, you will be thinking, “More mining? Really? Do I have to do this again?” Instead, you can jump right into the more interesting aspects of the game by purchasing gold.

2. Get better equipment.

To stay alive in RuneScape, you need the best equipment. Especially as a low-level character, quality equipment can go a long way toward making your life easier. By purchasing RS gold, you can buy that equipment much earlier in the game than you would be able to otherwise. Plus, you’ll feel a lot more badass running around in the armour set you’ve been wanting so badly.

3. Train your skills.

To become a more powerful character, you need to train your skills. But guess what? That also costs money in-game. With RS gold, you can train up rapidly and develop the skills you need to excel at combat.

4. Get to where you need to go.

Gielinor is a big place! Every region offers fresh challenges, but to experience them, you need to get around. While you can walk, charter ships or spells are faster and more convenient. If you have RS gold in your inventory, you can afford these faster methods of transit.

5. Earn gold more easily in the future.

With better skills and equipment comes faster and easier grinding, leveling, and looting. By purchasing gold as a newbie, you’ll be taking a shortcut to earning it more efficiently on your own as you continue to play.

6. Jump into higher-level experiences sooner.

Finally, the most exciting experiences in RuneScape aren’t those available to newbies, but those targeted at high-level players. You will be able to take on tough bosses and other high-level players once you have leveled up with the help of the gold you have purchased. Plus, as a bonus, you will be in a great position to help out your friends when they start playing RS for the first time.

Buy RS Gold Now

Ready to enjoy all the benefits of RS gold? Whatever your current level, more gold means better equipment and more fun. Just visit RSOrder.com and place an order. You can receive your gold from an agent in the game within 10 minutes!



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