What Does Your Family Think of You?

Just for the fun of it I asked my family to draw a picture of what comes to mind when they think about me. I was surprised by what my family thinks of me.

Now I should say that I am not in the best of health, considering I’m having heart and back problems, and that has put me in the bed a lot lately. When I’m able to work they don’t get to spend much time with me.

Look at the thought behind these pictures and not their artwork.

So, my two year old drew a picture of my face with a look of anger or distress on my face. My six year old drew a picture of me on the toilet since I have to use the restroom a lot. My wife and oldest son drew a picture of me in the bed since I’m confined to the bed a lot due to pain I’m in almost all the time.

I was honestly a bit hurt by the pictures they drew. I was expecting so many other things. I was expecting to see drawings of wood working tools, a tractor, the big truck, video games, or even a TV. What I got was totally different than all of those things!

What would your family draw if you asked them to draw something that expresses what your family thinks of you? 




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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

8 comments on “What Does Your Family Think of You?”

  1. I love asking my family random questions – but I haven’t asked them what they thought of me. I have tweens, so it will be interesting to see what they think.

  2. Wow, one thing about kids is they tell the truth. I like the idea of having them draw that out. I’m not sure if I’d like the result if I had mine do it. But hey, if it spurs conversation and change…then it’s worth it.

  3. When kiddo draws photos of me they are always a Celtic princess with shamrocks on my clothes. Shes quite creative. She also knows how much I love my Irish heritage.

  4. This was very interesting. My kids are grown but I could ask my 3 year old grandson to draw a picture. Thanks for the input which is something to think about for sure.


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