Ways To Make The Most of The January Sales

Sales, offers and discounts seem to be the norm throughout the year these days, so is there any point of waiting until the infamous January sales to grab some bargains. Simply put, yes but as long as you know what you need — much like the hype that surrounds events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, getting the best deals is only really a good deal if you need it. 

Some pre-planning here can help out massively if you need anything for the New Year. Plus, there’ll still be lots of offers in case the kids want to splash their Christmas cash. So if you’re looking to make the most of sale season and get more for your money, check out these easy ways to grab a bargain.

Make a start on next Christmas

Ok, so you’re going to have to be super organised for this type of January sales buying, but it could work wonders for your bank balance. Not everyone is easy to buy for, but for those essentials you pick up every year such as perfumes, toiletries and suchlike, they often have their prices slashed on Boxing Day. These don’t just make good pressies for next year; they can be ideal for birthdays too throughout the year. 

There are also lots of little essentials you could buy for next year, including:

  • Christmas cards
  • Decorations
  • Artificial trees
  • Christmas crackers
  • Table decorations 
  • Wrapping paper

Think about big buys 

Sales are always a good time for buying those high ticket items. For example, if your washing machine is on its last legs or you’re thinking about updating the kitchen appliances, now could be a great time to bag a bargain. Look out for brands that are introducing new products in their range, as this could also be a time to snap up an introductory offer too. 

Special buys 

If you have special birthdays or occasions coming up in 2020, it’s a great time to start thinking about what you could buy as a gift. Much like thinking about the big buys, you could save money on special presents to save yourself cash later in the year. Take a look at things that are slightly out of the box too, such as private plates or gifts related to their hobbies. Lots of companies will be offering deals throughout the holiday period so make sure you shop around. 

Don’t get caught out 

We can all fall into the trap of thinking something is a great deal and getting carried away with the January sales. However, it’s always a great idea to make a list of the things you need and don’t go overboard with the spending if you don’t need to. Comparing the prices of the items you want is also a great way to ensure you’re getting the best deal. It’s sometimes advisable to check the previous sales prices too to make sure you’re not caught out thinking it’s a bargain. 

Also, search online too to save yourself a trip into town and the potential stress that comes with January sales shopping!




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