VTech Cora the Smart Cub Review

I had the great pleasure of reviewing the VTech Cora The Smart Cub Plush Toy, Pinkir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00CMNX3RK from VTech in exchange for an honest blog review. 

VTech’s Cora the Smart Cub™ Details:

Cora the Smart Cub ™ is actually a wonderful toy worth giving to a child that is between the ages of 6-36 months. Cora the Smart Cub™ introduces children to valuable every-day life skills such as their daily routine, first words and emotions. Cora knows exactly what time it is and children will grow and learn with their smart cub every day through daily morning greetings, bedtime music, and holiday and birthday wishes. Parents can share in the developmental journey online through VTech’s app store, the Learning Lodge™, and personalize the smart cub with their child’s name, favorite stories and more.  

Zeva and My Thoughts on Cora the Smart Cub™ 

Zeva was super excited when she saw me take this out of the box when we got it in the mail. She had a similar cub, but it did not have as many features as this cub has. She actually has yet to let me to set it up to the fullest. I have the ability to hook it to my computer and literally have it state her name, and play her favorite songs. 

Since she loves her Baby Genius songs so much, I know she’d love to have them on there. The downside though, is she would have a hissy fit if I were to take Cora away from her right now. She literally takes Cora with her everywhere. So once the newness wears off a little, I’ll definitely add the songs to Cora. Due to my prior experience with VTech toys, I know that it will be  snitch to set her Cora up to be a more personalized experience for her that she will totally love. (I have tried to take her away while Zeva is asleep, but she has a death grip on her even in her sleep.) 

Video of Zeva With Cora the Smart Cub™

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Disclosure: I did receive this product in exchange for an honest review, but that in no way shaped my opinion of this product. I have been a VTech fan since I was a kid, and I love being able to give my kids their products too. I am honored to have the chance to share this product with you and give you the chance to win one too.



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