Give Your Baby a Head Start with Baby Genius

Zeva was given the chance to review the Baby Genius set complete with Baby Genius “The Wheels on the Bus” board book,2-disc Baby Genius “Favorite Children’s Songs” CDs, and Baby Genius “Favorite Nursery Rhymes” DVD to review in exchange for an honest blog post. That in no way shaped my opinion of this product.

The DVD and music CD’s are perfect for teaching little ones the standard songs that are most popular. Since Zeva loves to dance and sing, I honestly have a lot of faith that she’ll start talking sooner as a result of this set. Since it comes in DVD and CD form, you can keep your child entertained with songs they love at home in your living room or in your car on the road.

She’s already started humming and moving to the beat of some of the songs right in tune with them all. All of my kids have been late talkers, but once they started, you couldn’t shut them up. So, I personally don’t worry too much about the fact that Zeva isn’t talking yet.

Del has been concerned about it though. So, when I was given the chance to review Baby Genius I snatched it up. So far, Zeva hasn’t started talking, but it’s only been a few weeks since we got it. She does enjoy HER DVD time though with a passion. As you can tell from the wear and tear of the book, she loves going through it several times WITH EVERYONE! We are all a bit tired of singing The Wheels on the Bus.

However, when you repeat things over and over, a child learns them. I feel like if Zeva doesn’t at least learn the song The Wheels on the Bus, then she didn’t get anything out of the set. Only time will tell the true outcome. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Plus in the mean time she’s enjoying the extra attention and knowing that something is officially for her. We do these activities to make her happy.

You can find them on their Facebook page too. Their Pinterest page is full of many resources for parents too.

Do you have a system that you’ve used with your baby to help them learn to talk?





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