VeggieTales In The House Sing a Silly Song Contest

My family is counting down until VeggieTales In The House goes live on Netflix. We know from our VeggieTales Day Event in Nashville, that the VeggieTales are getting a new look with the same great message. One of the things they are wanting to do in this new series is give their VeggieFans the chance to be an ACTIVE part of the show too.

Between now and October 31, 2014, VeggieFans can enter their Sing a Silly Song Contest. You just need to choose between one of these three songs The Water Buffalo Song, The Hairbrush Song, and His Cheeseburger and make a music video of your version of the song and upload it to YouTube. Then make sure that you go enter your video into the contest.

There are two different categories to choose from “Families, Fans, and Friends” and “Choirs and Bands” groups. There are going to be one Grand Prize Winner from each category. The winners will be announced on VeggieTales In The House premiere on Netflix on November 26th (that’s less than 30 days folks.)

Don’t miss your chance to get famous on VeggieTales In The House. Go enter to be their next singing sensation by clicking HERE.

If you enter, I’d love to get a link to your video entries too so that I can vote for you. I definitely don’t have the guts to do this (I barely had enough guts to make this video even though I do feel very strongly about this topic.)

Is your family ready to watch VeggieTales In The House?




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