VeggieTales In The House Netflix Exclusive Series

As a parent, I know the value of quality kid’s entertainment. We mentioned about VeggieTales new series that is coming to Netflix on November in my VeggieTales Day Event post. Now we’ve got the official date of launching their awesome new series premier.

VeggieTales In The House is a new series that gives the VeggieTales a brand new look, but with their same great messages. The reason for the changes in the way the characters look is because it allows “VeggieTales’ creators to take advantage of advances in computer-animation technology to be able to tell stories even more stories.”

VeggieTales In The House looks to be an amazing new series for your kids to enjoy in little short burst. It’s perfect for parents to let their kids watch while they are taking care of something in a short period of time that they need their kids entertained for. These shows are not long, but long enough to help calm a child down right before nap time.

They still provide the same great moral teaching moments as well. They add laughter to your home and help shape a child’s mind in a positive way. Plus because they are short, you can limit the amount of time your child is viewing them without having to worry about them being glued to Netflix for LONG periods of time.

Be sure to watch VeggieTales In The House in premiering on November 26 on Netflix.

Beauty and the Beet

While I’m talking about VeggieTales don’t forget they have Beauty and the Beet premiering on October DVD and digital download on October 14th. I know I personally cannot wait to watch this movie. I know it’s going to be a sure fire hit!

Be Sure to Get Netflix Viewing Ready

Be sure to your family Netflix viewing ready by making this Asteroid Popcorn from the VeggieTales kitchen. This looks like a great snack to make to eat while you’re watching your new favorite shows.

I am sure you’ll enjoy this series. I can’t wait to have my kids to watch it. I know they are counting down to watch it.

Do your kids love VeggieTales as much as mine do? 




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26 comments on “VeggieTales In The House Netflix Exclusive Series”

  1. I really like that kids learn a good message but they don’t realize they’re learning it. That’s when you know it’s done right.

    • It does have a great message. I thought my soon to be 11 year old would feel like he’s outgrown them too, but he’s still just as excited as the rest of them when a new VeggieTales comes in.

    • The new series won’t be on until November. However, there are a lot of VeggieTales movies available on DVD through them.

    • I just got finished watching the movie. It does have a Christian approach throughout the entire movie.

      We were advised the series would have it, but it won’t be as much about pushing the Christian aspect as it will be about just teaching good morals.

  2. That’s wonderful that they’ll be introducing this series on instant play. Now, my daughter has something else besides My Little Pony (her favorite) to watch!

    • I do too. I know my kids are going to eat up some of our Internet watching them, but it will be so worth it. VeggieTales has a way of helping to keep the kids in line.

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