VaporCorp E-Cigarette Review

I have quit smoking August 14th, 2007 when my middle child was born. However, in the past couple of months having back pain has made it so that I’ve been craving a cigarette to the point of almost caving to get a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. To be honest, the only thing that has held me back from getting them is my promise I made to Crystal to stop smoking after Delbert was born.

She knows I’m going nuts being trapped in the house and having so much pain I can hardly stand it. She decided that after her writing a post about compromising in marriage  that she should find a way for me to at least try Vapor cigarettes. She got a regular e-cigarette and an e-cigar for me to try from VaporCorp in exchange for an honest blog review.

E-Cigarette Review

I got both the methanol and the regular e-cigarette to review. I only smoke regulars so that was the one I tried. I must admit it’s been so long since I smoked that I was surprised by how real it tasted and felt in the finger tips. What was even better was Crystal didn’t complain because she didn’t experience any second hand smoke from it. I gained the same benefits from smoking it as I did regular cigarettes.

E-Cigar Review

The E-Cigar was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting to give one of these a try. This E-Cigar was a bit bigger than I remember cigars being. It took me a few to decide to try it. However, once I did the flavor was pleasant and it gave off a nice odor without me having to worry about giving my family second hand smoke.

All in all, this was a pleasant review to do. I liked these products and would recommend them to others.

You can gain more information about VaporCorp products by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Hello Del, I was too shocked when I was heard about E cigarettes first time. As it comes in verities of flavors but the strawberry is one of my favorite flavors. Now I just love vaping e cigarette.


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