Give and Take in Marriage

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This is a TRUE story from our relationship! 

Del and I celebrated six years of marriage yesterday. It still feels like yesterday when we first met back in 1993. The past six years have FLOWN by. To this day, it amazes me that Del wanted to marry me knowing full and well how much he would have to give up in order to have me as his wife.

Del use to be a change smoker. He literally smoked several packs of cigarettes a day. I fell in love with Del, but I HATED his smoking habit with a passion. Many people in my family have died from cancer, and I honestly felt like his smoking was going to take him away from me to soon.

However, I also hated it because when he smoked around me I couldn’t breathe. My throat would literally become completely scratchy and then I would feel like I’d be suffocating. My eyes would water up and nothing I did stopped it from happening. I honestly broke up with Del because he smoked.

Yet, Del promised me faithfully that if I married him he would quit smoking. When Delbert was born (he’s now 6 years old), he quit smoking cold turkey! To my knowledge he hasn’t picked up another cigarette since then. (Mind you the main reason I needed him to quit was because of the side effects that I endured! So, if he has smoked around others honestly it wouldn’t be the end of the world to find out otherwise.)

Just the other day he mentioned that he was interested in knowing more about electronic cigarettes. To be honest, with the amount of stress we’ve been under in the past couple of years, I can see why he’s been itching to smoke again. Although, I personally have never been a smoker, drinker, or a drug user, I’ve seen firsthand how less tense Del was after he smoked a cigarette.

The electronic cigarettes provide a give and take solution in our marriage. Of course, the give in this situation would be that I give my consistent to having Del smoke E cigs which will satisfy his craving for a cigarette, and for me it won’t cause the second hand smoke. He can even choose to get a brand that offers 0-1% of nicotine in it. Plus there won’t be any lingering smell from his use, so I won’t be turned off by him being around me too. Another benefit, is when we do go places that normally wouldn’t allow smoking, he’ll be able to still smoke in most cases. So, I don’t have to twiddle my thumbs while he smokes a cigarette after he eats like I did in the past. Yes, I still have other concerns about him using them, but the pros in this case outweigh the cons.

The added cost actually concerned me. In the past, he would quickly shell out close to $20.00 a week when he smoked easily. That was BEFORE the price of cigarettes went up. However, to get started using the Ecigs he could get the electronic cigarette express kit flip top box for $22.99 plus s&h. On average a 6-Pack of Express Refill will give you close to 15,000 puffs and is equal to about 6 packs of traditional cigarettes. Each cigarette is recommended to be used within two weeks of being taken out of the package.

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