Vacationing Ideas: 3 Unique Cities to Visit in Europe

Traveling overseas and experiencing the European way of life is something that is included on the bucket lists of many of us. After all, Europe is a vast place with an incredible variety of cultures, traditions, and landmarks to explore. And the variety of cultures and traditions also comes with a variety of foods and drinks to try, which makes it the perfect destination for the foodie traveler, too. But as I said, Europe is vast, with many cities, regions, and countries – each one with their own specialties that make them stand out of the crowd. Our short guide below will give you a few tips on where to start.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, a country with a long and variegated history. For a long time, it was one of the focal points of European education and art, especially music – it is the world capital of the waltz, and the birthplace of Johann Strauss, one of the most beloved composers of the time.

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Vienna offers its visitors an amazing variety of landmarks to see, and lodging prices for all budgets, from the best hotels in Vienna to Airbnb rentals with a very affordable price. Among the foods that “you’d better try” while in Vienna you’ll find its iconic “Apfelstrudel”, the “Wiener schnitzel”, and the “Sachertorte”.

What makes it unique

Austrian Emperor Franz Josef tore down the city walls surrounding Vienna in 1857, replacing it with a grand boulevard. Today, the 3-mile loop surrounding Vienna’s old town is the world’s largest open-air museum, with almost all of the major historic attractions of the city sitting within or just on the edge of one of the world’s largest car free zones.

London, England

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK, for short), is a fascinating destination for all overseas travelers, with so much to discover that it would be hard to describe in a month. It is filled with museums, restaurants, theaters, pubs, and other entertainment options, making sure no visitor is bored ever when over there.

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The best thing about London is that everyone speaks English, so if you are even basically proficient with the language, you’ll find your way around. Its hotels also range from ultra-expensive to cheap Airbnb rentals and hostels – it is a city for every budget.

What makes it unique

One of the most outstanding features of London is its architecture. It’s history mixed with marvels of modern engineering, with landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the most famous combined bascule and suspension bridge in the world, or The London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames, which was the largest such structure at the time of its opening in 2000.

Rome, Italy

The Eternal City has so many landmarks and sights to see that it would take ages to list them all.

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But aside the obvious – the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, the Colosseum, and the other well-known ones, it also has a unique culture – and cuisine – to explore.

What makes it unique

Where do we start? The Catacombs of San Sebastian are said to hide a set of marble footprints attributed to Jesus himself, The Criminology Museum that hosts a vast collection of everything crime-related, from torture devices to criminal anthropology, Rome’s National Pasta Museum, Cinecittà, the powerhouse of Italian movie-making, and many others.




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