Updating Wheels, Liners, Rims and More for Your Vehicle

Not everyone fits the SUV scene. Sports cars can barely make it over speed bumps, let alone rocks. What’s the point of sedans? None of them can tow a fifth wheel or haul everything for your home landscaping project. If you’re heading to the back roads for some great hiking and camping, a truck is certainly the preferred method of transportation.

Trucks are awesome. In the United States, the Ford F-150 is the top-selling vehicle every single year. Yes, every single year. A truck can be elegant, filthy, covered in mud, extreme post-apocalypse, or too jacked up for your grandmother to climb into, and it doesn’t matter. Your truck can be whatever you want it to be.

Just a few modifications can make your truck look even better than when it rolled out of the showroom and into your heart. Here are four truck modifications every stylish truck owner should consider

Spray-In Bed Liner

Scratches and truck owners are bitter enemies, and scratches have no more favorable battleground than the truck’s bed. You love the utility of your truck, but every time you hear that screech as metal scapes your truck bed, it is less pleasant than your neighbor’s little dog that drinks caffeine all day. A bed liner is a must, but the type of bed liner matters. Drop-ins look, well, cheap, and even though they can be pulled out, more than likely, they’ll stay there forever, trapping water on the bed and getting all scratched up.

Spray-in liners adhere to the bed, don’t get that scratched-up look, and can easily be resprayed or even painted if necessary. They tell others that your truck is essential to you. Typically you’ll pay $500 to get the work done, and it’s worth every penny.

Wheels and Rims

If you’re old enough to remember, wheels used to be the ugliest thing on a new truck. Manufacturers have gotten much better in their offerings, but they still haven’t reached the level of special their customers want. While a manufacturer will offer a couple of different options, hundreds of wheels exist that tell the world, “this is my truck, and it is just awesome.”

Truck wheels have a tremendous range of choices to fit every truck owner. Whether the blacked-out look or polished steel, your truck can look aggressive or uptown. Larger wheels, low profile tires, or just an upgrade to your rims; all set you apart.

The cost of upgrading wheels and rims is not substantial, even though they make your truck look like a million bucks. Prices typically range from $200 – $350 per wheel, meaning $1100 – $1200 usually makes your truck unique.

Luxury Mats

Yes, mats. Fitted, attractive, all-weather mats tell everyone that gets in your truck that it’s special and cared for very well. They also say a lot about you as a man. You respect things, take care of yourself, and appreciate quality. Mats can also reflect the style you want to give your truck. High-end mats can range from rubber or thermoplastic to carpet. Great mats will be laser cut to fit your specific truck model better than the factory mats. Different colors and designs are available, but the most common color will be black.

They not only look great but will perform great. Your carpet is protected from coffee spills or the wear and tear of your heel rubbing into the carpet. Great mats also last a very long time. They are indeed representative of the statement, “You get what you pay for.”

Your local auto parts store will have luxury mats specifically for your truck priced from $200 – $300. Skip the $50 – $70 cut to fits or “these will kinda fit your truck” mats. They aren’t even close to the same. What luxury mats do for your truck and your image as a truck owner is worth far more than the small cost of $200, especially compared to what you spent on your amazing ride.

Just three things can make a stark difference to the appearance and usability of your truck. For about $2,000 all-in, not only will others appreciate your style and attention to detail, but you’ll love that truck even more. It’s yours; it’s spectacular; let it reflect you.




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