These 4 Outdoor Landscaping Hacks Could Boost Home Value

Everyone wants their home to be admired by passers-by, and outdoor landscaping makes that possible. Adding character to your yard not only impresses potential buyers—hello, great first impression—but it’s inexpensive. With a few small projects, you’ll turn a dull green space into an inviting area for entertaining, relaxing and more.

Before you start? Use a tool like this Home Value Estimator to get an approximate value of your home. When you’re ready to sell, you’ll be able to get a new home value estimate from your real estate agent and see how your home’s value changed from the upgrades you made.

Here are a few simple projects to try:

Stone walkway: Make a walkway to the main entrance of your home or into the garden area outback. Find stones at Home Depot, Walmart, or any other home improvement store. Keep large, flat stones spaced apart (stepping stone style) or create a more refined look with a designer brick layout.

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Elegant backyard space: Adding simple pieces like an antique archway and a 3-piece garden table set can transform your backyard area. Invest in other small items like a fire pit paired with a DIY pallet bench to create a space for entertaining that any homebuyer will want to pay more for.

Succulent garden: If you live in a warm climate, put a small succulent garden in your front or backyard. With so many varieties of succulents to choose from, this low-maintenance garden will be easy to create and manage and, not to mention, pretty to look at.

When sprucing up your yard, remember not to add anything that requires a lot of upkeep. This can be a turnoff for potential buyers who aren’t as invested in their landscaping but still want their yard to look appealing.

Freshly Painted Everything

There are few things a fresh coat of paint can’t enhance, which is why painting is a great way to add value to your home without spending a lot. But don’t start and stop with your walls. Re-painting cupboards in the kitchen or built-ins in your bathroom and hallways will give every corner of your home the facelift it needs.

The goal with painting is to keep it neutral but fresh. A home filled with bright, contrasting shades or colors that are too bold will be a turnoff, which does the opposite of adding value to your home.

If you’re working with a small space, choose light colors, which will open it up:

“By painting with lighter colors, the walls of your space become less noticeable, creating an optical illusion. Also, lighter colors reflect more light than darker colors; keeping a room well-lit is crucial to making it feel spacious,” according to experts at Empire Siding and Windows. Focus on whites accented with very light blue or green to get the most out of your updates.

Ultimately? These outdoor landscaping hacks are low cost, DIY solutions that can make a huge difference to potential buyers–and in your home’s value.



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