Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Oriental Trading is helping me to give you some unique Easter egg hunt ideas to make this moment special this year. I got the chance to review several different Easter products from them, but today I’m focusing on our Easter Egg hunting experiences with their products.

Glow in the Dark Eggs

I was personally super excited about the idea of hunting glow in the dark eggs this year. I can remember being a huge fan of all things that glowed in the dark when I was growing up. I see that same love for those kinds of things in my kids. I choose to get a LOT of the Oriental Trading’s glow in the dark eggs. They have three different types. They have the regular size Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs, Jumbo Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs, and the Glow in the Dark Alien Easter Eggs.

I took all of these eggs out of their plastic bags and put them in the sun the first day we got them. I figured the more sun they got the better. I thought we could do the Easter egg hunt the next night when I had all three kids home. Well, little did I know, the eggs are only good for ONE night worth of glowing fun. Delbert was the only one who got to enjoy the full effects of the glowing egg hunt. I didn’t capture it because I figured I would have the next night to capture all of the kids searching for them. The very first night they glowed REALLY well!!


Make Your Easter Egg Hunt Unique

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The next day we put them out in the sun figuring they would be like a solar calculator/light and capture the sun and glow again. That much to our disappointment was not the case. We even tried a second night too.

The trick is to get these eggs, and only open them and use them on the night you’re sure to want to do a hunt! They are a lot of fun to hunt on that first evening. The glow doesn’t last very long at all.It’s best only to invest in the amount of eggs you need for maybe 20 minutes worth of searching. They are only good for ONE time use. I find that to be the biggest downfall. Yet, I’d invest in them again to see my kids eyes light up over getting to do a hunt at night with eggs that glow.

Gold Eggs

I did think ahead and get their standard bright colored eggs with candy. I also got their Gold Easter eggs too.  I love giving my kids extra challenges in everything they do. This allowed them to hunt extra hard for that ‘gold egg’. These eggs are also a bit smaller than the other eggs we had too. The gold eggs held money in them, and the kids went wild trying to find them.

It’s nice being able to add extra unique easter egg hunt ideas with these two different types of eggs from Oriental Trading. It made for a much better family experience for us than our prior Easter egg hunts. The kids are eager to do it again when it’s Easter.

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What are some ways that you make your Easter egg hunts unique?


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