Understanding the American Bulldog and the Use of CBD dog Treats

Dogs do not only serve security purposes but also act as lively companions, but this is not applicable to all breeds. There are different kinds of dog breeds that one can find and one of them is the American bulldog.

The American bulldog is considered a big lap dog and also a watch dog. Their alertness and aggression towards perceived threats make them the ideal watchdog. It is equally affectionate and very defensive of its owners. You can check out other traits required for a watchdog here.

This family loving breed is worth having in a home. This dog breed however experiences some health challenges but this can be managed with healthy treats especially those containing CBD since they contain healing and rejuvenating substances.

Health Challenges of the American Bulldog

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With a life expectancy of up to 16 years, it is often considered a healthy breed although there are some health conditions that are commonly associated with them. Their short snouts also make them intolerable to hot weather. They should always be monitored and given enough water to avoid shortness of breath. Some of the common illnesses are:

Cherry Eye

This greatly impacts the tear gland that is located at the side of the dog’s eye. For this particular breed, this gland can easily move out of place and then becomes swollen and red. This gives it the look of a cherry perched at the side of the eye. This can be treated by suturing the gland back into position.

Hip or Elbow Dysplasia

This happens when there are irregularities in its connective parts such as the elbow joints or hip sockets that greatly affect its movement. Canines who suffer obesity in their early stages are more likely to be affected due to the strain on the joints caused by the extra pounds.

The symptoms first appear in mid-life and worsens with age. Exercise reduction, pain management, healthy dietary options and weight loss are some of the ways this condition can be managed.


This causes the top covering of your dog’s skin to grow wrongly as a result of recessive gene mutation. This genetic skin disease causes rough flakes to cover the epidermis and also makes thickened skin and areas with large quantity of pigment to appear on the skin. Ichthyosis cannot be cured but managed with creams and medicated shampoos. The situation also gets worse as bulldog ages.


Also called bone cancer, this condition causes agonizing pain to your pet. The American Bulldog is more susceptible to it than other breeds. It touches the bones located in the limbs so apparently, the first signs would be lameness or swelling in the legs.

Chemotherapy or removal of the infected bone surgically must immediately be carried out to prevent the cancer from spreading. A pain management plan is very vital in carrying out this treatment.

How to Care for your American Bulldog

Making sure your pet is healthy is very important and this can easily be done. Taking care of this breed has specific requirements and this includes a significant exercise plan and regular checkups with the vet to enable issues to be detected on time. Other areas to focus on are:


The feeding plan varies for puppies and adults. They are better fed on a low-carb and high protein diet. This will prevent them from being obese while preserving their muscles. Bear in mind that every dog has its preference so it might be necessary to try a few to enable you find the one best suited for its body and taste. Also buy brands with top quality ingredients.


This specie demands a lot of exercise at least 2 hours daily with 45 minutes’ walk to keep it from gaining weight or getting bored. It gets destructive and moody when it doesn’t get enough exercise and may turn to ripping or chewing things in its way. Puppies must avoid stressful exercise until they are over 3 months old. Ensure you give your canine frequent breaks to avoid overheating due to their short muzzles.


This breed is better managed by a professional handler who is more familiar with their energy, assertiveness and strength. Rewarding them with treats, play and affection during training is an ideal positive reinforcement.

Socialization is equally a vital part of training as it reduces aggressiveness therefore, it shouldn’t be overlooked. This can be achieved by taking them to public places and being kind to other people and dogs before them. This will teach them that other animals and people are not dangerous.

Uses of CBD Treats for American Bulldog

The following are some uses of CBD treats for this breed:

Pain Relief

If your dog is experiencing pain, you will feel uncomfortable and this will prompt you to seek for solutions from different areas. One pain relieving method that has proven effective for pets is the use of CBD treats. You can find a good product and serve your pet. You will observe your pet experience a gradual relief from the pain.

Increases Appetite

If your dog hasn’t been feeding well, it may be as a result of different factors but one way to manage this situation is through the use of cannabidiol treats. You can follow the prescription of your vet to administer the treats in a way that won’t affect your pet negatively.

If you need other tips on stimulating your dog’s appetite, you can check here: https://www.petmd.com/dog/nutrition/6-appetite-stimulants-dogs


Having a regular exercise routine will help your bulldog maintain a healthy weight and avoid most of the health problems. Fences should be high enough to keep it safely enclosed as they are capable of jumping over 6 feet.




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