Trails Carolina Uses Real Classrooms to Foster Success

The time from when your child becomes a pre-teen to the time they reach young adulthood will be some of the most challenging years of their life. At times, they may feel overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with these challenges, but their mental health shouldn’t get in the way of quality education.

At Trails Carolina, they believe that providing young adults with a healthy and safe environment to learn in the wilderness, along with in real classrooms, helps your children learn the skills they need to cope and survive the challenges of life. After leaving the program, they’ll then be able to apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations in their home classrooms.

Students Work with Certified Educators

When you enroll your child in Trails Carolina, they’ll begin working with licensed clinicians to learn better coping skills, overcome frustrations, improve motivation, and reach their highest potential. Their educators are highly experienced and specialized in working with learning differences and students who have unique learning requirements.

In addition to teaching the basics, their educators work to help students develop a love of learning they’ve never known before. After finishing the program, students will then be able to return home with a richer understanding of their learning styles, better critical learning skills, and a passion for studying independently.

Students Earn a Fully Accredited Education

Trails Carolina believes that no matter your child’s condition, they deserve to finish school just like any pre-teen or young adult. That’s why they have worked hard to earn Cognia accreditation so that all of your child’s credit hours can be easily transferred over to their home school.

By integrating classroom-based academics with the wider benefits of wilderness therapy, they have been able to create a program that fully maximizes the effects of both learning and therapy.

Trails Carolina understands that your child’s academic performance is often a reflection of their overall behavioral issues and mental state, so rather than perpetuate a classroom that fails to match their needs, they have created an accredited curriculum suited to help them actualize their potential.

How They Integrate Real Classrooms with Wilderness Therapy

At Trails Carolina, students learn standard academic subjects as well as the life skills they will need to cope and motivate towards success. They’ll learn how to take care of themselves, manage stress, get adequate sleep, and eat well, along with history, earth sciences, and language arts.

In literature, they focus on coming-of-age tales, which students can relate to and learn from. Often, these stories speak to The Hero’s Journey and the rites of passage we all must pass through before we reach adulthood. With a critical eye, they delve into how students can relate to these tales and apply their lessons to their own lives.

Classes Equate to Real School Credits

For each academic class, your child will earn applicable school credits that they can then transfer to their home middle or high school. After 50 days of enrollment, they will be entitled to a Trails Carolina transcript denoting:

  • 0.5 credits for World Literature
  • 0.5 credits for Environmental Science
  • 0.5 credits for Appalachian History
  • 0.5 credits for Health and Wellness
  • credit for Adventure Education (applicable as a Phys. Ed. Credit)

In total, your child will earn 3 credits which they can apply to their North Carolina high-school career. Middle school credits are earned 2.5.

Hands-On Learning Leads to Success

At Trails Carolina, students form life-long bonds with young adults who share similar challenges. They’ll gain valuable knowledge of fostering motivation and self-confidence, which they can then apply to their real lives. Trails Carolina’s hands-on learning methods are not only fun but offer students an opportunity to learn about the world around them and how they fit in. Apply today and see the change in your child!




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