Reasons To Choose Wool For Your Products

If you’re into crocheting your clothes, and you want to know why wool is a good choice, you’re not alone. Choosing to buy an organic or phentex yarn can seem like such a difficult choice at times. However, when you know the benefits of wool, you’ll understand it much better. The most important benefit of using wool is that it’s a very sustainable resource. But there’s more to it than just sustainability. This is why you should keep on reading to find out more. 

Benefits of Using Wool

You’d be surprised to find that growing wool has significantly declined over the years. Nowadays, there’s been an increase in using synthetic products to manufacture your clothes and other products. Yet, if you still prefer to use wool whether organically sourced or otherwise, you should know why it’s a great choice for you. The following is a summary of the key benefits of choosing wool over synthetic materials. 

It’s Natural and Renewable 

Do you love the comfort and warmth of your fleece in winter? The beauty of evolution is that even sheep have given you something that you love to wear to keep yourself warm. The great thing about your favorite fleece jersey is that it’s made from a natural resource. That means that it’s renewable and improves environmental efficiency by a margin. 

It’s Safe

Did you know that your wool has naturally high UV protection? This is at a higher level than your cotton or synthetic materials. Most impressively, your fleece that’s made out of organic wool won’t readily catch fire. The thing is, wool is a fire retardant. This means that even if your fleece does catch fire, it’s going to burn slowly and extinguish itself once you remove it from the source of the fire. 

It’s Biodegradable 

The most useful thing about your fleece is not that it’s breathable. But it’s the fact that it’s biodegradable. This means that it won’t take a lot of years to decompose into the ground if you happen to lose it when you go camping. What’s better is that if a farmer finds it in the wild, she can repurpose it to fertilize the soil to grow her crops. 

Durable and Easy Care

Your single wool fiber can be bent by up to 20 000 times and it won’t break. It’ll just recover and go back to its original shape. Talk about a material to create top-quality garments and products. The other great thing about your woolen products is that they’re naturally stain-resistant. And they don’t pick up a lot of dust because they’re static resistant. How cool is it to wear something that doesn’t require a lot of care? 

In summary, when you use wool to manufacture your products, you’re playing a vital role in lessening your carbon footprint. But the bark doesn’t end there. You can use it for a wide range of things and still get the same benefits from your various products. If you’re serious about maintaining a sustainable environment for future generations, you should consider using wool more for your products. 



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