Tough Guys and Drama Queens-Book Review

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This book is really interesting. The beginning felt like the author was “preaching to the choir.” However, towards the end, he does give honest feedback that is helpful for parents to consider doing with their kids.

I’m not going to say that I agree with everything he says, but I will say that he definitely gives a person plenty to ponder and think about when it comes to their kids. Parenting is such a challenge and there are more than enough people who have an opinion about it. I have definitely reviewed plenty of books on parenting (and I still have more to come in the near future.) The message is still the same in almost all of them that I’ve been reading….things have drastically changed in our culture and what our kids are exposed to compared to what we were.

This author helps a parent to really dig their head out of the sand and start to take an honest look at what our kids have to deal with and the best ways we can help them. I think it’s a good read. I can’t say I got bored with it.

It is definitely a book that I will be reading again as my kids reach their teen years. I personally didn’t gain a whole lot from it at this point in their young lives. However, it did give me some things to take into account dealing with my strong willed child.




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