Getting A Fair Child Settlement

If you are a man who is currently undergoing the painful process of separation from your spouse, you may well be dreading the even more painful prospect of a lengthy and emotionally draining divorce battle. However, if the differences between you and your soon to be former spouse are truly impossible to reconcile, then you may as well face up to the fact that there is no other way forward for either of you. If this is the case, then it’s vitally important that you prepare as strongly as possible for the upcoming battle in court.

What To Know If There Are Children Involved

If you have been married long enough to produce children with your soon to be former spouse, you need to know that you have certain rights that no law can take away with showing full cause for doing so. For example, you certainly have the right to partial or full custody of your children or, at the very least, the right to visit with your children at certain specified times of the week.

However, many times your former spouse and her divorce trial attorney will attempt to blacken your reputation in a bid to deny you the right to see your children. At the very same time that they attempt to deny all rights to visit with your children, they will also attempt to magnify your child support payments to a rate that is frequently outrageous and far in excess of the amount that is actually required.

Divorce Court: Entering The Arena

Divorce court is the arena where the fate of your possessions, as well as your right to visit and interact with your children, will be decided. You should realize full well before you enter this arena that you are operating at a distinct disadvantage. Divorce courts have long been the domain of the women and are practically guaranteed to be disposed of in her favor. As a result, you’re going to have to fight long and hard to retain your rights to your property, as well as the right to partial or full custody of your children.

Winning The Divorce Battle

To win a victory in the arena of divorce court, you will need to have a strong ally by your side. The firm of Cordell and Cordell is uniquely qualified to help men who are facing their day of battle in divorce court. Log on to the official Cordell & Cordell site today to learn more.

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