Top 10 2014 Father’s Day Suggestions

Father’s Day is coming on June 15th whether or not were ready for it. I don’t know about you but coming up with the perfect gift is not always easy to do. This year I was given a bit of help from Oriental Trading in exchange for some honest blog promotion. I also found some things on Amazon that I feel will make for some truly awesome gifts. Here is my List of the Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts: 1) Many men, mine included, work hard and do lots of heavy lifting. When they do that they cause themselves to have major back pains. So, I recommend the  Painmaster Micro Current Therapy  because this is a simple little system that is created to help ease pain in your back, muscular aches and pains, and even for continuous and occasional pain. I had Del try this out. Of course, since he couldn’t feel anything happening he took it back off without telling me. I have just went and replied it back on his back and informed him that he’s NOT suppose to feel anything, but he needs to give it an honest try. I told him that Terry from My Journey With Candida stated it worked wonders on her shoulder. 2.) I’ve mentioned many times how much I love personalized gifts. When I was given the chance to work with Oriental Trading again, I choose to select a couple things especially for Del for Father’s Day. I got him a personalized coffee mug since he’s started drinking coffee more. (Speaking of coffee did you know drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day can help decrease heart health issues.) 3)  I also couldn’t resist getting him the heavy duty Man Cave sign. Him and the boys LOVE having their own little Man Cave to run off to hide in to play their video games. Not to mention those manly shows that make me just shake my head. 4.) Speaking of their lovely Man Cave… it’s right next to our bedroom. I don’t always stay up as long as Del wants to. There are times when he can’t just stop his game and join me, so it’s nice to know he can put on his Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and continue playing. Quite honestly, he’s due for a new pair of these! I love the fact that I can sleep in peace while he enjoys his game. 5.) Although I feel like we have just about every piece of technology there is ,Amazon Fire TV is one thing we don’t own that is REALLY on my list of things I want for our home. If you’re a Amazon Prime member then you can really enjoy this new piece of equipment. It has so many awesome features to it. We can watch our Prime membership shows on it, and yes, there are some shows that are not available on Netflix or Hulu on Amazon Prime. Plus you can play games too. This gadget gives it all to us. 6.) If you have a man who loves to read then don’t pass up the chance to get him the new Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers. I personally would love to have this new Kindle Fire. I LOVE my Kindle Fire, but I’m itching to get my hands on this one. (They say give the gifts you want to receive.) 7.) Del seems to have joined my bandwagon of having a sweet tooth. Although, we both need to cut back on our sweet intake, this is one grand gift basket that just really looks worth having. It is still a great gift idea for a man that is really hard to shop for.


8.) We ALWAYS buy our major electronics from Best Buy. You can always find great deals and service at Best Buy. They carry many of the top name brand products that are worth having. There is something there for almost anyone on your list.

9.) Create coupons that they can cash in for anything they want from you. My husband LOVES to make bets with me, and his favorite thing to WIN is “You’ll do anything I request for a whole weekend.” Nine times out of ten his requests are just to curl up with him and watch a show of HIS choice, give a bit more foreplay action, cook him his special treats, or run an errand for him that he really needs done but doesn’t want to have to do. However, he loves to have that extra control.

10.) Of course, you can always create some type of craft of your own. There are plenty of awesome crafty gift suggestions for him on Pinterest for sure.

What is on your list to give your man in your life? One can never have to many ideas! 



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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

31 comments on “Top 10 2014 Father’s Day Suggestions”

    • Awesome. Great minds think alike. I thought about doing the same thing, but what I envision and what comes out are usually two totally different things all together.

    • If I was creative I would have made printable coupons to go with my idea for it. However, my coupons would be very basic looking to say the least. With the Kindle Fire it tends to lead to a lot of other great gifts too.

    • Best Buy is just totally utterly AWESOME! No, I’m not a Best Buy Ambassador YET. It is on my wish list of things to do with blogging. I love going there.

  1. The Painmaster sounds like something my husband could really use! His back gets sore much more easily these days, especially when he tries to move something super-heavy.

    • Lol..If he has a beard then it sounds like something he may even appreciate. I know my husband would have liked that too since he’s trying to grow one out.

  2. My husband would love the tools. He’s a contractor and he HATES to shop- but take him to a Home Depot and you can barely get him to leave. I’ll be picking up some tools for that man this year.

    • My husband loves to go to Lowes and can spend HOURS there with no problem. I get tired of walking about Lowes myself. Of course, I do see some pretty neat ideas there when I’m there. Does having a contractor for a husband make you do more creative things?

  3. My husband would love the Best Buy gift card the most. He never gets to just go shop for something for himself, I think he would enjoy that.

  4. Crystal,

    For my daddie….He’s getting a home cooked BBQ BUFFET.

    Pulled pork anyone?

    pizza. nachos. you name it. we’re getting it.

    It’s going to be unbelivable since we’re going to get all the boys home.



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