A Tip to Keep a TEAM Relationship in Marriage

Despite the fact that we have been married for over six years we still take showers together many times! Well, today I went to go take my shower after a long hard day of working outside in this SC heat only to find we had NO towels in the bathroom. I grabbed my huge dragon beach towel.

As we were taking our shower I couldn’t help but notice my wife has been losing weight and I’ve been gaining weight. I told my wife all of her weight is coming to me. It made me feel like we “share everything equally.” I also told her that soon she won’t have to worry about any woman wanting me. After all, she claims no men look at her because she is overweight.

We took our shower and shared some laughs. Then we got out, and we shared the towel. It was quite fun trying to dry ourselves off together with the same towel. It took us having to work together as a team. It was perfect for igniting a bit of passion along the way.

We were laughing about all of these little instances throughout our shower. It made us realize how many times we come up with some really awesome things worth sharing while we are in the bathroom. If my wife has something really important to talk to me about, she requests that I take a bath. As I’m relaxing in a hot bubble bath we’re able to calmly talk about any major topic with ease.

It made me wonder, do you have a special set up for having those hard to talk about conversations? If you don’t then I highly suggest that you come up with a safe zone to talk about everything. Marriage requires solid communication in order to grow and live together. We all grow and change and our viewpoints do change as we age too. It doesn’t hurt to do the little things to ensure that you’re still working together as a team.

What is something you’ve done lately in your marriage to ensure you’re still a team working together to make your lives complete? 




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