Tips for Families Traveling to India

India is a travel destination that offers a beautiful culture and environment. Whether it be misconceptions from the media or word-of-mouth, a lot of the time, India may not seem like a very “family-friendly” place to travel, but that’s simply not true. If you have the right information and resources, India can be a great way to experience a different part of the world with your family. With a little work, you can plan a trip that your family will never, ever forget.

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Listed below are some tips and tricks to planning your vacation to India.

Choosing where to stay

One of the biggest turn-offs about India may be that it is very loud and crowded. You can opt to choose in an area that is outside of the main cities when you book hotels. This will be less polluted, quieter, and may even be cheaper. If you are looking for extra comfort there are hotel chains in India that are very common to America. Hotel chains like the Marriott and The Hyatt are available all throughout the country. Many tourists prefer to stay chains like these because they can ask the staff at the hotels for assistance and advice throughout their trip.

Booking Flights

Booking your flight will be the next step to a vacation to India. Many mothers recommend that international flights are done in one trip. There are a lot of airlines that offer non-stop flights to India. When making your flight arrangements be sure to check The Air India flight booking services. They will have a variety of flights that can fit your needs.

What to Pack

Thinking about packing for a trip to India can be enough for someone to decide not to go. Even though we are always told to pack less, there are certain things that you may want to bring. Most mothers prefer to bring a portable crib along on their trip. It is also recommended to bring an inflatable booster seat. There are many places that do not offer high chairs throughout India. Car seats are also not common in India. It is recommended to bring your car seat or purchase one when you arrive at your destination.

Use Private Transportation

If there is some extra room in your budget, it is recommended to use a private car at where private taxi service. The buses in India are cheaper, but they are often very crowded and can be dirty. Private transportation is a way to ensure your safety and can also be a way to make you feel more comfortable throughout your travels and adventures.

Use a Travel Agent or Tour Company

If you are still nervous about the thought of traveling to India, you can always contact a travel agent or join an established order to give you a hand. These options are often great ways for people to experience something outside of their comfort zone, while still being safe. There are a variety of travel agents and tour companies available we’re families of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds.




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