Tindol Featuring Ford Year End Giveaway

There is something about the Blog Dare that is bringing up many memories for me. I use to go with my Dad to various car dealerships all the time together. I am pleased to announce I will be featuring many different dealerships and cars on here. I hope  you enjoy going on this virtual ride with me as much as I did doing it with my Dad in real life.

Our first stop is going to be to Tindol Ford since right now they are featuring the Ford Year End Giveaway going on right now. You don’t want to miss the chance to win a new 2014 vehicle.

I’ve noticed that they have a wide selection of both new and used vehicles. I personally don’t ever want to have to worry about a car payment again if I can avoid it at all costs. However, if I was to get a new car with a payment attached to it again…there are a few cars that have my attention.

Ford C-Max is definitely a remarkable looking hybrid vehicle. I like the many new traits it has to offer. It has dual climate control, loads of air bags, and many other updated features to help make life easier for the driver. I can easily see me scooting all over town into this vehicle.

The only thing is I wouldn’t be able to comfortably justify going on a long trip in this vehicle with my three kids and hubby. It would only be good for me and the kids to go into town and doing our errands. I can’t picture my 6ft 4in man behind the wheel of this vehicle. However, he doesn’t drive our personal vehicle all that much, especially now because he’ll be back behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler again in 2014 locally.

I would get a lot of use from this particular vehicle. I also think I’d be stylish behind the wheel of it. I can only imagine how great it would be to have the windows down the music playing my favorite songs cruising down the road with my kids enjoying the moment with me. Since it has fuel efficiency and is a hybrid it would save on the cost of fuel. It would be perfect for taking a trip to Ohio to visit friends.

You can check out this car at Tindol Ford at 1901 East Franklin Boulevard Gastonia,NC 28054. You can also view it on their website. You can also connect with Tindol Ford on Facebook and Twitter too. 


What is your dream vehicle? 




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    • I can’t break down and consider a minivan. I personally think SUV’s are so much better. I currently have a Dodge Durango which seats 7 people easily and still have room for things we buy.

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