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This is a sponsored post, but again in no way is my opinion affected. 

I’ve gotten really attached to being able to share with you apps for you and your family to check out each week. This week’s Apparoo App of the week is Tic Toc Time . Tic Toc Time helps with teaching your kids how to tell time.


From a kid’s perspective, time is a bizarre concept: there are 60 seconds and 60 minutes, but 12 hours… unless there are 24! And phrases like ‘a quarter til’ and ‘half past’ that we take for granted just seem to make their brains melt. Tic Toc Time takes a holistic approach to teaching time; a family of beavers leads a progression of fun games that first explain using a compass and the movement of the sun and shadows before logically arriving at both digital and analog time-telling. A good time is guaranteed for all! Download it here now.
Tic Toc Time, an award winning app that teaches kids to tell time, is normally $3.99. Download it here now for just $.99!
As a homeschooling parent, I think is really an app that will come in handy when it comes to teaching your kids how to tell time. I know Delbert loves it when I hand him his Kindle or his Daddy’s iPad to play apps like these to learn various concepts. It makes my life so much easier too!!
Do you have a child who would enjoy this app?




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