#ThrowbackThursday: Bride of Chucky

The other night while I was flipping through looking for something to watch on Netflix with Crystal I made the comment that I wish American President was available on instant play. She replied that I’ve watched that movie so many times, why would I want to watch it again? She asked me did it make me think of our relationship. I told her no. Of course, that opened the can of worms of what movie made me think of our relationship. I told her that if I were to pick ONE movie that reminded me of our relationship it would have to be the Bride of Chucky.

She was horrified that I would choose that movie as the one that made me think of our relationship. Now mind you, she’s never seen this movie because it is classified as a horror movie. I explained to her that their relationship starts out very rocky, but in the end they go off into the life as a happy couple.

I honestly thought it was fitting to bring up the Bride of Chucky as we go into the Halloween season. It’s not available as an instant watch on Netflix, but you can rent the DVD. It’s a horror slash romance in my book, and I think it would make for a scary date night. (All the more reason to cuddle up with your significant other.)

What movie makes you think of your relationship with your significant other?



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