Though the Bud Be Bruised by Jo Wanmer-Book Review


This book is definitely hitting home for me in so many ways. August and September are always very rough months for me because that is when the abuse started for me. However, usually by October I’m done fighting my way back to a normal mindset. This October though, I’m still reliving a lot of what happened to me as a child. This book has brought back to life so many negative memories for me.

Of course, this point clearly points out how much an abused person buries and tries so desperately to forget. To this day, I couldn’t tell you every little detail of what happened to my mother and I. However, I can tell you about some pretty horrible things that have stood the test of time and will forever be a part of me.

This book gives a detailed story about a girl who was sexually abused by a family friend who was an active member of their church. Since my abuser was a “preacher” on some Sundays, I can so relate to the situation in this book. The parents handled this case far differently than I ever dreamed they would. I’m not saying that the way they handled it was wrong of them. Although, as I stated in my prior post, knowing that I faced my abuser head on and told the courts what he did to me in as much detail as I could remember, it helped me a great deal regardless what the outcome of the court hearing was.

This book is one of those that is hard to read, but all at the same time it’s hard to put down. To the best of my knowledge, the author did follow the Bible with her references to Biblical teachings. God does tell us to forgive according to how we want to be forgiven. He also stresses the importance of loving those who have harmed us. He does turn all things bad to good. (Hence why I do believe in the statement, “everything happens for a reason.”)

This book is one worth reading. Just make sure you have a box of tissues with you when you do it. It has the ability to keep you hooked in, but I did have to take several breaks from it to regroup in order to get through it.

Note: I was given this book to review through BookCrash. As always, that in no way affects my opinion of the book. 



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