Things To Do as a Stay at Home Mom: 39+ Creative Outlets to Transform Your World

Hey there, amazing homebound warriors! I know all too well the feeling of being up to your elbows in baby gear and laundry mountains, yearning for a slice of adventure to reignite that spark.

That’s exactly why I’ve been on an epic quest (granted, it was online) to unearth activities that’ll sprinkle some serious sparkle into our ever-revolving domestic landscapes. From channeling your inner artistic genius to dancing through nature’s very own fitness studio—we’re diving into 39+ wallet-friendly pastimes designed just for us, no babysitter required.

Brace yourselves for an infusion of joyful “me-time” enchantment!

Key Takeaways

Stay-at-home moms can enjoy a variety of things to do that suit their interests and schedules, from creative activities like writing, knitting, and calligraphy to active pursuits such as dancing and gardening.

Hobbies are not only for personal enjoyment but can also help improve mental health, provide a sense of accomplishment, boost confidence, and offer opportunities for social interaction or even extra income.

Budget – friendly options are available for most hobbies; often starting with materials you already have at home or can easily access online or at local stores.

Active hobbies promote physical health and wellness while providing fun ways to stay fit without necessarily requiring a gym membership.

Many hobbies allow for flexibility in time management, which is perfect for the unpredictable schedule of a stay-at-home mom.

Understanding the Importance of Things To Do for Stay-at-Home Moms

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 1

So, we just talked about how hobbies are a big deal for us stay-at-home moms. They’re like that secret sauce that keeps our days interesting. Let’s face it, being home all the time can get kind of dull.

But throw in some hobbies and bam – you’ve got yourself something to look forward to!

Having a hobby is like having a chat with an old friend – it’s comforting and gives you that boost you need. Whether I’m getting lost in knitting a cozy scarf or trying out new dance moves from a YouTube tutorial, my mood lifts right up! See, doing stuff we love can actually keep those sneaky blues at bay.

And here’s the kicker: while we’re having fun with our pastime pals, we’re also growing as people without even realizing it! Ever tried making bread from scratch? It takes patience and practice, but once you nail it – oh boy – the feeling is amazing! You not only learn to make dough rise; your confidence does too.

Plus, hobbies carve out “me-time” in our jam-packed mom schedules. Can I get an amen for self-care? It sounds fancy, but really it means doing something nice for ourselves every now and then.

And let me tell ya, when I’ve had my fill of scrapbooking or perfecting my latest pergamano project, there’s more pep in my step when going back to the daily grind.

It’s simple: Find what makes your heart happy and dive in headfirst! Trust me; your mind will thank you for the break and your family will notice that extra sparkle in your smile.

Categories of Things To Do for Stay-at-Home Moms

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 3

Okay, so you’ve wrapped your last diaper for the morning and the little one’s finally napping—phew! Now it’s “me time,” but what to dive into? Let’s check out some hobby categories that are just perfect for us stay-at-home mavens.

Whether you’re itching to craft something with your hands, get your heart rate up without stepping in a gym, or maybe even pull in a few extra bucks (cha-ching!), there’s a world of pastimes waiting.

And hey, we might even throw in some off-the-wall ideas because why not stir the pot a bit?

Creative Things To Do

Creative hobbies, oh what a joy! I mean, who doesn’t love turning a pile of yarn into a cozy blanket or making an old shirt look new with some cool sewing tricks? Knitting needles and thread can transform your day from blah to fantastic.

And let’s not forget about painting. Just grab those brushes, splash colors on canvas, and watch magic happen before your eyes—no special spells required.

But maybe you’re like me and think writing is the bee’s knees. Whether it’s stories for the kiddos or jotting down my daily musings, there’s something liberating about putting pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard if that’s more your jam.

Or perhaps digital scrapbooking is up your alley; preserving memories without getting glue all over the kitchen table (because we know how THAT ends). Whatever floats your creative boat — candle making, calligraphy — these hobbies are like personal cheerleaders for our mental health.

They whisper sweet nothings of encouragement when we craft something from scratch. Plus, you end up with amazing things made by YOU! How awesome is that?

Active Things To Do

So, you’ve got your creative juices flowing with all those artsy projects. How about we get our hearts pumping too? Active hobbies are perfect for adding a little zip to your day, and trust me, they’re a blast! Let’s lace up our sneakers and dive into things like dancing or yoga.

I mean, who doesn’t love grooving to their favorite tunes or striking a pose that makes you feel like a zen master?

Now, if the gym isn’t your scene – no sweat! There’s always running or walking. Picture this: fresh air, maybe some chirping birds, peace and quiet away from the kiddos; it’s pure bliss.

And guess what? These aren’t just fun; they’re good for you too! Like aqua aerobics—talk about making a splash while getting fit, or hiking to explore new trails as an adventurer would.

Martial arts pack quite the punch (literally) for staying active. Then there’s badminton and mountain biking—imagine catching that rush of wind on a downhill ride… exhilarating!

Swimming is another fantastic way to stay in shape without feeling like you’re doing heavy workout stuff—plus, it can be super relaxing.

Whichever active hobby catches your eye, just remember—it’s all about moving more and having heaps of fun!

Oh, let’s talk about food! If you’re like me and love to get messy in the kitchen, then these hobbies are perfect for us stay-at-home moms. Baking is my go-to when I need a little “me” time, nothing beats the smell of fresh bread or cookies baking.

And who said cakes are just for birthdays? Any day can be spruced up with some cake decorating; it’s like art but yummier.

Guess what? We can grow our own ingredients too! Starting a vegetable garden isn’t just fun; it’s like giving yourself a high-five from Mother Nature—plus, your cooking gets an instant upgrade with fresh herbs and veggies.

Here’s one that might surprise you: homemade pasta making. It sounds fancy, but grab a pasta maker, and suddenly, you’re rolling out dough like an Italian nonna! Trust me, once you’ve tasted fresh pasta made by your own hands… that store-bought stuff won’t cut it anymore.

Switching gears from whipping up delicious treats, let’s chat about money-making hobbies. Ever heard of moms turning playtime into payday? Imagine this: You’re walking dogs around the neighborhood, snapping adorable pics, and boom—you’re stacking cash! It’s not just a dream.

Dog walking can seriously pad your wallet.

And hello, have you thought about using those ninja-like shopping skills for profit? Yup, mystery shopping‘s a real thing—and pays real money. Plus, if you’ve got an eye for detail and love organizing things (like who doesn’t), household administration could be your golden ticket.

Or, hey—ever fancied yourself as a bitcoin trader? No need to become a Wall Street whiz overnight; even beginners can snag some cryptocurrency wins these days. Just remember, it’s all about that balance—finding joy in hobbies while maybe also making some bank on the side.

Volunteer Things To Do

Let’s talk about hobbies that are not just fun, but also give back. I’m a mom, and sometimes I need to step out of my bubble and do something good for others. That’s where volunteer hobbies come into play! Imagine tying on an apron to help at a local soup kitchen or picking up a paintbrush to spruce up a community center – it feels great.

By giving some time to volunteer work, us stay-at-home moms can learn new stuff and meet different people. It’s all about finding what lights up your heart and sharing it with the world.

Maybe you’re awesome at speaking in front of others; Toastmasters could be your jam! Or perhaps you’ve got a knack for languages? There are tons of folks who would love your help learning English.

Kombucha making — sounds fancy, huh? It’s actually pretty simple and super trendy right now. Teach others how to brew this bubbly drink and bond over the fizz! Volunteering is like getting two treats in one: feeling all warm inside because you helped someone out, plus getting some cool moments away from the usual mommy chores.

Now let’s move on to those unique hobbies that mix things up even more…

Miscellaneous Things To Do

So, you’ve tried sewing, baking, and yoga but still looking for that quirky new hobby? How about diving into genealogy to uncover your family’s past? Picture this: You’re a detective in your own living room, sifting through old photos and records.

It’s like putting together a puzzle where the pieces are your ancestors’ stories! Or maybe you’ve always wanted to talk with your hands—sign language could be just the thing for you.

It opens up a whole new world of communication and is super handy when you need to “talk” across a crowded room.

Now let’s switch gears from quiet sign language chats to bustling jigsaw puzzles. Getting lost in crosswords or piecing together a 1000-piece beauty can be oddly calming (and gives your brain a workout too!).

And if those aren’t calling your name yet, why not try something totally out-of-the-box like welding? Yes, really—you can make some killer décor for your home once you get the hang of it!

Hobbies don’t have to fit in neat little boxes. They’re all about exploring new things and finding what tickles your fancy—and who knows? You might just discover an unexpected passion.

Next up on our hobby adventure is diving into how hobbies are great for moms—let’s go!

Detailed Exploration of Creative Things To Do

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 4

Get ready to unleash that inner Picasso or J.K. Rowling, ’cause we’re about to dive head-first into a world of creative hobbies that will not only fill your days with joy, but might just give you bragging rights at the next PTA meeting – stay tuned!


Oh, writing! It’s like a secret door to your own little world. And guess what? You don’t need much to get started – just a pen and paper or, hey, even the notes app on your phone will do.

Picture this: kids are napping, you grab your favorite cozy spot and let the words flow. Fiction, daily thoughts, or maybe start that mommy blog expert journey you’ve been dreaming about.

Now – here’s a cool part: I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve with links to help you out (and yes, if you click and buy something awesome through these affiliate links, I might earn myself a little thank-you commission).

Isn’t it neat when your hobby can toss some extra dough in the cookie jar? Dive into storytelling or share those magical mom moments; pretty soon you could be reading multiple books at once for inspiration.

Just imagine all those stories waiting to spill out from the tip of your pen!


So you’ve got a pair of knitting needles and some yarn. That’s all it takes, really. I’m telling you, diving into the world of knitting is like discovering a superpower you never knew you had! Picture this: You’re cozied up on your favorite couch spot, the house is quiet – maybe the kids are napping or lost in their own little games – and there’s just the click-clack sound of needles creating something beautiful from a simple string.

Now let’s talk cozy scarves for those chilly mornings or cute beanies for the kiddos – yep, that could be your handiwork. Knitting is not just about making stuff; it’s therapy without a hefty tag! It calms your mind with its rhythmic magic, and before you know it, bam – stress relief! Plus, I bet other moms will ask where they can get one when they see your fabulous creations.

And if someday someone asks, “Who knitted this?” – puff out that chest, mama, ‘cause that knitter is YOU.


Oh boy, drawing is a game changer! It’s like a secret door to a world where your only limit is imagination. You know those days when the kids are finally napping, and you’ve got that rare moment of peace? Grab a pencil and let it dance across the paper.

No need to be the next Van Gogh—just enjoy making lines, shapes, or doodles.

You’ll feel that lovely satisfaction as your inner artist wakes up. Plus, it costs practically nothing to start, just some paper and pencils. And here’s a thought: What if you’re sitting on heaps of talent waiting to spill out? Drawing could be more than just fun—it might be your hidden superpower! Turn on some music (beekeeping tunes anyone?), sip an espresso if that’s your thing, and get lost in creating something beautiful or quirky… or both!


Calligraphy lets you make words look like art. I sit down with my fancy pens and let the ink flow into lovely letters, feeling a little bit like those old-time scribes. It’s all about getting that curve just right and taking pride in every swoosh.

Sure, it needs steady hands and eyes glued to each detail, but hey, isn’t that what we moms are pros at? We’re used to keeping an eye on tiny moving targets (I’m looking at you, kiddos!).

And guess what? As I get better at calligraphy, I can even start making some cool stuff for around the house or gifts for friends. Next thing you know, your kitchen wall has a frame with “Live Laugh Love” written by yours truly! Keep your eyes peeled because sewing is up next—and trust me; it’s not your grandma’s hobby anymore.


So, sewing! You might think it’s just for grandmas, but let me tell you, this hobby is a game-changer. Picture this: You’ve got a pile of clothes everyone’s forgotten about because they’re “out of style” or need a little fix.

With your trusty sewing machine (or even just a needle and some thread), you can bring them back to life. Make t-shirts into cushions, old jeans into cute bags—the sky’s the limit!

Now imagine making quilts that could become family treasures, or whipping up Halloween costumes that are the talk of the town. And hey, ever see those super-expensive curtains? You could make those too…

For way less cash! Sewing lets you create stuff that feels like you—and saves money at the same time. Plus, there’s this awesome sense of pride when someone asks where you got something cool, and you get to say, “I made it!”.


Quilting, oh my! It’s like a puzzle you can cuddle with when you’re done. You pick out colors and patterns that make your heart sing, then cut and sew, cut and sew. Whether by hand or machine, it doesn’t matter – the magic is in watching all those little pieces come together to create something cozy for your home or a gift that says, “I made this for you.”.

You’re stitching not just fabric but memories into every quilt. It’s more than crafting; it’s telling stories through textiles. And let me tell you, there’s joy in choosing fabrics that sparkle with personality — maybe even adding a secret patch from an old baby outfit? Now imagine the satisfaction of smoothing out that last wrinkle as your masterpiece finally takes over the bed or sofa.

Next up: we dive into scrapbooking – where memories meet creativity!


Oh, scrapbooking is like a treasure hunt for memories. You grab those photos piling up in your closet and start sticking them into albums. Mix in ticket stubs from that ball game or movie tickets from your first date night post-kiddo.

And don’t even get me started on the stickers and fancy paper you can play with! It’s all about making a home for those special moments.

You’re not just pasting pictures; you’re crafting stories page by page. Maybe it’s baby’s first steps, or maybe your teen’s graduation – each scrapbook becomes a chapter of your family saga.

Plus, think of the joy when years later, you flip through these books with your grown-up kids! Okay moms, let’s turn the page and dive into digital scrapbooking…

Digital Scrapbooking

So, I’ve got to tell you about digital scrapbooking. Imagine making a photo album on your computer – it’s that easy. You can play with colors, add little notes or stickers, and nobody has to deal with glue sticking their fingers together! The best part? No mess on the kitchen table.

Think traditional scrapbooking, but without spilling glitter all over the floor.

And guess what else makes this hobby awesome for us stay-at-home moms? We can whip up a beautiful scrapbook during naptime or while waiting for the laundry to finish spinning. It’s like creating magic from our daily moments and preserving them in cool digital ways.

Plus, we get to show off our creative skills when we share these works of art online or print them out as gifts for the grandparents.

Ready to move those feet next? Let’s dive into some active Things To Do that won’t break the bank but will surely pump up the heart rate!


Hey, let’s talk about snapping pictures – photography! It can be super fun and doesn’t have to cost a lot. You probably have a camera on your phone, right? Start there. Capture those cute kiddo moments or take shots of nature when you’re out for a walk.

I love seeing how the light changes in photos throughout the day—it’s like catching magic!

And guess what? You can even make some pretty cool art with your photos. Play with colors and shadows, or turn them black and white for that old-school vibe. Hang up your masterpieces around the house or give them as gifts to family and friends (they’ll love it!).

It feels awesome to create something beautiful that’s just yours. Alright, next up is painting – grab those brushes!


So, you’ve got a blank wall staring at you and the kids are finally napping. Grab some acrylic paints and let’s turn that yawn of a wall into your canvas! It’s not just about making pretty pictures; painting can be a total stress-buster.

Picture this: it’s just you, a brush, and all the colors you can dream up. Before you know it, an hour flies by and, hey – look at that masterpiece!

Okay, being Picasso is cool and all, but here’s the real scoop. Diving into painting isn’t just for kicks—it boosts those happy thoughts and wipes away the cobwebs from your brain space.

Plus, it fits right in with life between laundry mountains and snack-time negotiations. And guess what? You don’t need to drop big bucks on supplies—a quick scoot to or any craft store gets you set up without breaking the bank.

So why not give it a whirl? Paint splatters are way better than spilled milk anyway!

Delving into Active Things To Do

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 5

Oh, who says you can’t break a little sweat and have oodles of fun without ever leaving the playpen’s perimeter? When we dive into active hobbies, we’re not just talking about recreating an episode of ‘Mommy Versus Cardio Equipment’—we’re exploring a world where endorphins meet pure joy.

Strap on those sneakers, moms; it’s time to get hearts racing with activities that would make even your toddler’s energy levels jealous!


Let’s talk about busting a move! Dancing isn’t just fun – it’s a workout without feeling like one. You can do it at home, no fancy shoes required. Just crank up your favorite tunes and shake it like nobody’s watching (because they aren’t!).

Trust me, you’ll be laughing while working on that body toning. Plus, who needs cardio equipment when a kitchen dance party with the kiddos totally counts as exercise?

Here’s the scoop: dancing boosts your mood and gives you energy—much needed for us moms. And guess what? You’re building confidence along the way. Ever heard of Zumba or hip-hop classes? They’re perfect chances to meet other moms and learn some new moves too.

So go ahead, make space in your living room and let loose!


Hey there, fellow mama! Picture this: you’re at the gym, music pumping through your speakers, and you’re totally crushing that CrossFit class. Feels good, right? You bet it does! Hitting the gym isn’t just about getting fit; it’s a chance to meet other moms who are all about health and fitness too.

Trust me, nothing beats that feeling of finishing a killer cardio session and exchanging high-fives with new friends.

Now let’s talk energy—because we all know being a mom can be as tiring as running a marathon some days. Those squats and dance classes at the local fitness club? Yeah, they do more than tone those legs—they boost your energy big time! And stress? What stress? After an hour of yoga or cycling under your belt, you’ll walk out feeling like you’ve got this mom thing down pat.

So go ahead, swap playdates for planking sessions sometimes—it’s okay to make that “me-time” sweaty and super fun!


Yoga, oh my goodness, it’s like a secret weapon for us stay-at-home moms. Picture this: The kids are finally napping or at school, and you roll out your mat in the living room. You start stretching into a downward dog and – bam! – that calm feeling starts kicking in.

Sure beats having to pack up half the house just to attend a fitness club class, right?

And let me tell you, after doing yoga for even just a few weeks, I felt like I could juggle laundry, meal prep, and those never-ending “Mom! Mom!” calls with way more chill. No need for fancy equipment (who has space for that anyway?), and you can find tons of free videos online.

Plus—it’s not just about getting fit; it’s like giving your mind a little spa day too. So grab that mat and give yourself some zen garden vibes right at home!


Let’s talk about running, fellow moms! It’s like chasing after your toddler but way more peaceful, and you actually get to wear cute workout clothes. You can run anytime – super early before the kids wake up, or sneak in a quick jog while they’re at school.

And here’s the cool part – you can join local running groups where they share tips and help each other train.

So, lace-up those sneakers and hit the pavement. Feel that breeze against your face; it’s just you, the rhythm of your feet, and maybe some killer tunes if you remember to charge your headphones.

Running gets that heart pumping, gives us some much-needed ‘me time’, and hey – it’s free fitness club membership right there! Plus, who doesn’t love a reason to buy new sneakers?


Swimming is my go-to when I need a break from all the mom chaos. It’s like giving those muscles a good stretch and boost without feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck afterwards. Plus, who wouldn’t want to feel weightless for a while? It’s amazing for balance and stamina – kind of like trying to keep up with toddlers, but less screaming involved.

And talk about stress relief! After some laps, it’s as if all those “why?” questions from the kids just melt away into the water. So yeah, diving into the pool can be pretty much a mini-vacation.

A little bit of splashing around can make you forget that epic pile of laundry waiting for you at home—well, at least until you get out of the water.


So, I laced up my sneakers, grabbed a water bottle and hit the trails. Let me tell you, hiking is like hitting a refresh button for your brain! Out there with the trees, birds singing and that amazing fresh air — it’s pure magic.

Every step feels like you’re walking away from house chores and towards peace of mind. Plus, let’s be honest; we moms deserve some quiet time where no one shouts “Mommy” every five minutes.

Seriously, though, hiking isn’t just good for your soul; it works out your legs too! You don’t need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to get started. Just find a path near you and go explore nature’s wonders at your own pace.

It’s perfect for getting that heart pumping while soaking in some vitamin D from the sun— nature’s way of giving us a high-five for taking care of ourselves!


After a great hike, slipping on your comfiest sneakers for a good old walk is just the ticket. Trust me, I’ve found strolling around the neighborhood to be pure gold for clearing my head and getting the blood pumping without having to hit up those climbing gyms or fitness clubs.

And here’s a fun fact: walking is free! That’s right—no memberships, no fancy equipment, just you and the pavement.

Picture this: Your kiddos are down for their naps or maybe engrossed in some quiet time with puzzles (score!), and you sneak out for a brisk walk. Feel that sunshine on your face? Smell that fresh air? Walking doesn’t ask much of us—a pair of shoes and maybe some tunes or an awesome mom podcast—and off we go.

It’s simple enough to fold into our daily routine, but don’t let its simplicity fool you; it does wonders for both our mood and physical health. Keep moving one foot in front of the other; it’s not just exercise—it’s personal growth in every step!

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 6

Well, my fellow homebound culinarians, if you find yourself salivating at the thought of kneading dough or spinning sugar into gold—figuratively speaking, of course—then brace your taste buds! We’re about to dive spoon-first into the whimsical world of food-related hobbies, where flour flies and ovens are our canvases.

Whether it’s rolling sushi like a pro or frosting cupcakes worthy of a magazine cover, get ready for some lip-smacking adventures that’ll have the whole family begging for seconds.

And who knows? You might just be one whisk away from crafting your very own signature dish! (Wink-wink!).

Sushi Making

So, I tried this sushi making thing and let me tell you, it’s a game changer. You roll out that bamboo mat, spread the rice like you’re painting a masterpiece, and then bam! – top it with your favorite goodies.

My kids? They go bonkers for those little rolls. It’s like playing with your food but in the best way possible.

Don’t get me started on the flavors; mix and match to create something new each time. And hey – it’s healthy too! Plus, our family gets that fancy restaurant vibe right at home (without breaking the bank).

Next up: “Bread Baking.” Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh bread?

Bread Baking

Bread baking, now that’s a winner! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread coming out of your oven. I get my hands on flour, yeast, and salt and become a master at creating soft loaves that make my kitchen feel like a cozy bakery.

Let me tell you, it isn’t just about filling bellies; it’s magic how mixing simple ingredients can be so satisfying. And when that loaf is golden brown? Perfection!

Sharing is caring – especially with bread making. Imagine handing over a warm slice to the neighbor or surprising your friends at book club. They’ll love you for it! Baking has this way of connecting people.

It’s not only therapeutic, but also opens doors to new friendships over something as delightful as homemade bread—talk about life satisfaction! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being pampered adults with some home-baked goodness?

Cake Decorating

Okay, let’s talk cake decorating. Picture this – you’re in the kitchen, icing bag in hand, transforming a plain old cake into a masterpiece. It could be for your kid’s birthday or just because you want to flex those creative muscles (and who doesn’t like showing off a bit on Instagram?).

You can swirl, twirl and sprinkle until your heart’s content.

I’ve gotta tell ya – this hobby is sweet in more ways than one. Not only do you end up with gorgeous treats that’ll make your friends drool with envy, but it’s also super relaxing.

Don’t worry if you mess up; there’s always a chance to lick the spoon and start again! Plus, decorating cakes doesn’t have to cost much. A few basic supplies and boom – you’re the next cake boss of your town!


So, baking? Let me tell you, it’s like magic. You mix some flour, sugar, and eggs – maybe throw in a splash of vanilla – pop it into the oven and bam! You’ve got yourself a cake.

Or cookies. Or bread! It doesn’t just fill your home with amazing smells; it fills your heart too.

Imagine pulling out that perfect loaf of bread from the oven. Feels like winning a gold medal in the comfort-food Olympics, right? And don’t even get me started on decorating cupcakes with the kiddos; frosting everywhere, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

Plus, sharing treats with friends or neighbors can make anyone’s day better—including yours! Baking is not just about following recipes to the T—it’s an adventure where you can add your own twists and flavors… literally sweetening up life one batch at a time.

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 7

Well, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? As for us stay-at-home moms (rolling up our sleeves), we’ve got some nifty tricks up our cozy cardigan sleeves to turn hobbies into a little extra cha-ching! So if you’re itching to know how that magic happens, keep reading—because trust me, it’s almost as satisfying as hiding the good chocolate from the kids…

Online Gambling

So, you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a hobby that might put some extra cash in your pocket, right? Online gambling could be just the thing. Now, I know it sounds kind of risky, but hear me out – with a Bet365 Bonus Code offers, you’ve got a shot at winning without even stepping outside.

You see, this isn’t about going all-in and betting the house (never do that!). It’s about having fun and maybe earning some money on the side. But remember, online gambling should be done responsibly—so set limits and stick to them.

You’re not trying to become a high roller; you’re just enjoying a little flutter in your me-time while the kiddos nap or play. Keep it light-hearted, folks!

Mystery Shopping

Let’s talk about a fun and sneaky little hobby called mystery shopping. This isn’t just picking up groceries while rocking those yoga pants! No, ma’am. It’s like being an undercover agent for the retail world—getting paid to check out local businesses and their customer service.

I mean, who wouldn’t love to get a meal or some new shoes AND earn some cash for sharing their thoughts?

Picture this: I stroll into a store, my mission clear—I’m on the lookout for how clean it is, how friendly the staff are, and what the overall vibe is like. And here’s the best part… once I’ve gathered my top-secret intel (you know, made that purchase), I report back with all the juicy details—and bam! That’s money in my pocket for a job well done. Plus, hello? Free stuff sometimes! Trust me; being incognito has never been so rewarding—or helped our bank accounts stay happy without leaving home sweet home.

Household Administration

Just finished a mystery shopping gig, and guess what’s next? Household administration. Yup, it’s a real thing! And hey, it can even be fun… sort of. Think about it – managing the home is like running your own little company, where you’re the boss of everything.

All those times you’ve sorted laundry, planned meals, and kept track of everyone’s schedules? That’s some top-notch executive skill right there!

With just a bit of time management magic (and maybe an extra coffee), I fit household tasks around other paid hobbies. Prioritizing is key: figure out which chores are must-dos today and which can wait ’til tomorrow.

So while bread rises for my latest baking experiment or an online sale ticks away on my second screen, I’m tackling that mountain of paperwork like a champ! It’s all in a day’s work—and yes, getting things done does add up to money saved.

Plus, who doesn’t love crossing things off their to-do list? Trust me—it’s strangely satisfying!

Bitcoin Trading

So, I’ve heard some moms are getting into Bitcoin trading. Pretty cool, right? It’s like playing a video game where you can actually make money—not that cash should be the only goal! It’s all about buying low and selling high, kind of like scoring a great deal on those shoes you’ve been eyeing but with digital coins.

Of course, diving into this world takes some learning. Don’t want to just jump in without knowing what’s up. But hey, there are tons of resources out there for us to get savvy about it.

And think about the stories we’ll swap—like that time I almost sold at the wrong moment… phew! Talk about an adrenaline rush mixed with a crash course in staying calm under pressure.

Moms already have those skills from juggling life 24/7, so why not give it a whirl?

Remember, though (oops! Not supposed to say that), we’re talking side-hustle vibes here. No need to go all Wolf of Wall Street on me—we’ve got enough drama handling Play-Doh disasters and crayon masterpieces on walls as is.

Let’s keep it fun and maybe earn some extra diaper—or wine—money along the way!

Dog Walking

Bitcoins and pups might seem worlds apart, but hear me out. Just like trading online can bring in some dough, so can stroll with a furry friend! Dog walking is pretty much a win-win.

I get to make extra cash while hanging out with adorable dogs—hello, who wouldn’t love that?

Let’s keep it real; between wiping noses and managing meltdowns, sometimes I just need to escape the house for a bit. Dog walking lets me breathe in some fresh air and rack up steps on my fitness tracker—all while getting paid.

And the best part? It’s not only about the money or exercise; it’s also super relaxing (who knew?). Plus, I’ve met more neighbors in two weeks of dog walking than in two years of living here! Turns out dogs are amazing icebreakers.

I’m all about squeezing every minute from my day without missing family time. That’s why dog walking rocks—it fits perfectly around our hectic home life. Whether it’s early morning jogs or evening strolls watching sunsets, these walks give me a chance to clear my head and earn something on the side.

Trust me; when you’re greeted by wagging tails ready for adventure, even Monday feels like Friday!

Volunteer Things To Do for Stay-at-Home Moms

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 8

Oh, and let’s not forget about those volunteer hobbies, where you can sprinkle a little goodness into the world (and feel all warm and fuzzy inside) while flexing your mom superpowers—stay tuned to uncover how these can add some extra sparkle to your stay-at-home routine!


So, you’re home with the kiddos and thinking about picking up a new hobby? Let’s chat about Toastmasters. It’s this cool club where moms like us can learn to rock a crowd with our words.

Picture it – stepping up to the mic, sharing your story, or maybe giving tips on stay-at-home mom jobs.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Public speaking? Yikes!” But hear me out. It’s not just about talking good; it’s about growing those leadership skills too. Feeling bored at home sometimes? Toastmasters can toss that boredom right out the window.

And trust me, finding out you’ve got a knack for inspiring people is pretty awesome. You’ll meet other folks looking to get better at speaking and leading—which means new friends who get the whole mom thing! Plus, there are clubs everywhere, so finding one near you should be a cinch.

And here’s the kicker—it can lead to some cool opportunities. Ever thought of running your own mom blog successfully? Imagine how slick your writing will get when you’ve been practicing your storytelling in front of an audience! So hey, give it a whirl; join Toastmasters and let’s see what hidden talents come popping out!

Learning a Language

Picture this: I’m sitting on the couch, kiddos finally napping, and there’s me, saying “Hola” or maybe “Bonjour” to my new language app. Learning a new language? Yep, it’s totally in my zone now.

It tickles the brain in all the right places and hey, I might even teach a class or help someone who’s just moved here. Makes you feel like a bit of an undercover agent with secret skills.

Now imagine chatting away with folks from across the globe – mind-blowing, right? And when travel opens up again – watch out, world! Here comes mom with more than just snack packs; she’s got phrases ready too.

Trust me; it adds spice to life and brings some serious joy between those endless laundry mountains. Plus, who wouldn’t want to show off by ordering their latte in Italian? “Un caffè latte per favore!” See, fun already!

Kombucha Making

So, you’re clicking around for something new to do between diaper changes and laundry mountains, right? Let’s talk kombucha making. Trust me; it’s easier than keeping a toddler entertained! You start with some tea, sugar, water, and a SCOBY—that’s the magic blob that turns your brew into delicious ‘booch’.

Just mix everything up in a big jar and let it sit.

Picture yourself sipping on your own homemade fizzy drink while saving bucks—not too shabby! Plus, experimenting with flavors can become your new “me time” hobby. Imagine adding ginger or strawberries to kick things up a notch.

Oh—and the kids might even think mommy’s brewing potions (totally not the case…but we can pretend). Cheers to health in a glass and feeling like a crafty kitchen witch at the same time!

Miscellaneous Things To Do for Moms

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 9

So you’ve tried your hand at knitting and yoga is just not your jam—fear not, my fellow homebound matriarchs! Let’s dive into the treasure chest of offbeat pastimes, where the quirky among us can find their niche.

Imagine tracing your family tree way back (hello, genealogy!) or getting your hands dirty with a little welding—if that doesn’t scream ‘cool mom’, I don’t know what does. Or maybe mastering sign language has been on your bucket list? It’s time to flex those new hobby muscles in some unexpected ways… because why should kids have all the fun?


Oh boy, genealogy! I’m diving into my family’s past, and guess what? It’s like a real-life treasure hunt. Picture this: I’m cozied up with a laptop, sipping coffee, and scrolling through old records online.

Suddenly, I find out I’m related to someone famous—talk about a plot twist in the family tree!

It’s wild how hooked you get once you start digging. You’re piecing together puzzles from names, dates, and dusty documents. And it’s not just about filling in the blanks; it’s uncovering stories that make your eyes pop (like an ancestor who was a seamstress for royalty or another who might have been a notorious outlaw).

Plus, there’s this awesome sense of purpose when you’re keeping history alive for your kids.

Here’s the kicker: it doesn’t just spice up my mom life—it recharges me! Every clue feels like hitting the jackpot at mystery shopping (without leaving home). If other moms ask me about hobbies that are as satisfying as perfecting the Japanese art of folding paper or nailing that embroidery pattern – genealogy is top of my list.

Trust me on this one; give it a go and watch hours fly by faster than kids running away from nap time!


So, after diving into family trees and genealogy, let’s switch gears to something totally different – welding! Yes, you heard that right. I’m tossing this out there for the moms who love to get their hands dirty and create with metal.

Imagine turning chunks of steel into garden art or funky furniture.

Welding can sound like a tough guy’s game, but trust me – us moms have what it takes to make sparks fly in the best way. It’s all about melting and fusing pieces together to build something amazing from scratch.

Picture yourself with a mask on, wielding a tool that dances with fire – pretty empowering stuff! Plus, it’s not just fun; it can be easy on your wallet too when you use recycled materials.

So why not give it a try? Grab some safety gear and start small – who knows where those skills might lead!

Sign Language

Well, if you ever thought about molding metals with welding was cool, imagine shaping conversations with your hands! That’s where sign language steps in. It’s like learning a superpower to talk without making a sound.

Plus, it keeps your brain sharp and connects you to folks who hear the world differently.

You don’t need anything fancy to start—just your hands and eagerness to learn. And hey, feeling like you’re part of a secret club is pretty sweet too. It’s not just waving your arms around; it’s opening doors to new friendships while giving that brain of yours a good workout.

Dive into the quiet world of gestures and expressions – trust me, it speaks volumes!

Crosswords / Jigsaws

So, you’re knee-deep in laundry and the baby’s napping. Time to grab that crossword or jigsaw puzzle and get your brain buzzing! Oh yeah, these aren’t just for lazy Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee anymore.

They’re perfect little escapes tucked between diaper changes and dishwashing.

Crosswords keep your vocabulary sharp—like a ninja sword for words—and they teach you new stuff without even feeling like learning. And jigsaws? Let me tell you, fitting those pesky pieces together is super satisfying.

It’s kind of like conquering chaos, one piece at a time. Plus, there’s this awesome “Aha!” moment when everything clicks into place; it’s pure gold! Trust me on this: carving out time for puzzles isn’t just fun—it zaps stress and gives you a win for the day.

The Benefits of Having Things To Do for Moms

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms 10

Moms, let’s face it – sometimes we need a timeout from the kiddo chaos. That’s where hobbies swoop in to save the day! They’re like personal cheerleaders for our mental health, keeping us pumped and ready to tackle motherhood with a smile.

Picture this: you’re gliding needles through yarn, creating a cozy scarf, while your mind unwinds. That’s knitting working its calming magic!

Now imagine chatting with fellow knitters or maybe those crazy macramé artists at a local craft fair. Boom! You’ve got instant pals who get your passion for plaiting and purls. Plus, showing off that finished project? Talk about a mega boost to your confidence – high-fives all around! Hobbies are more than just fun; they remind us of who we are beyond our mom labels.

And hey, ever felt lost in the sea of diapers and playdates? Dive into something new like learning a language or rolling out some homemade sushi. These aren’t just activities; they’re tickets to Joyville, with stops at Creativity Cove and Achievement Town along the way!

Alrighty, moms, grab those hobbies by the reins – next stop: exploring how even everyday tasks can be transformed into rewarding pastimes!

FAQs About Things To Do for Stay at Home Moms

What are some hobbies that stay-at-home moms can do for fun?

Well, let’s see! Picking up crochet or macramé is a cozy way to create something cool. For those who love to look up, stargazing could be absolutely amazing. Oh, and origami? It’s pretty peaceful—folding paper into shapes feels like magic sometimes!

Can stay-at-home moms make money from hobbies?

You bet! Some moms become an Amazon associate; it’s a neat trick where you share products you love and make some cash when others buy them… kind of like telling your friends about your favorite things and getting paid for it!

Are there any hobbies that help with mindfulness?

Oh, yes—a whole bunch! Mindfulness isn’t just sitting still; water aerobics can get you moving while keeping the mind calm. And meditation? It’s like giving your brain a little vacation every day.

I want to learn something new but not spend much—any ideas?

Definitely! How about learning a new language? There’re apps for that, and they’re free! Or maybe try cross-stitch or weaving—you can start small without spending too much dough.

Any hobby ideas for moms who need some me-time discipline?

For sure—how about making scrapbooks or fragrances? They take time and focus—it’s all about the details—and before you know it, “me time” has become a productive fun time that smells amazing too!

Additional Things To Do for Stay-at-Home

  1. Gardening: Cultivate your own flower, herb, or vegetable garden for relaxation and home-grown produce.
  2. Blogging: Share your experiences or interests by starting a blog – perfect for creative writing and connecting with others.
  3. Podcasting: Start a podcast on topics you’re passionate about, from parenting tips to book reviews.
  4. Jewelry making: Craft your own necklaces, earrings, or bracelets with beads, wire, or even recycled materials.
  5. Yoga: Practice yoga to improve flexibility, reduce stress, and find inner peace.
  6. Photography: Capture moments, nature, or family events to create lasting memories and fine-tune your photography skills.
  7. Digital art: Use software to create digital paintings, drawings, or designs.
  8. Knitting/Crocheting: Create cozy scarves, hats, or blankets for your family or as gifts.
  9. Scrapbooking: Preserve your memories in creative and personalized albums.
  10. Baking: Experiment with new recipes for bread, cakes, and pastries to share with friends and family.
  11. Home decorating: Redecorate rooms in your house for a fresh look and feel.
  12. Learning a musical instrument: Pick up guitar, piano, or another instrument to express yourself musically.
  13. Bird watching: Discover and learn about the local bird species in your area.
  14. Candle making: Create your own scented candles to brighten and scent your home.
  15. Soap making: Craft handmade soaps with unique scents and properties.
  16. Woodworking: Build simple furniture, decor, or toys with basic woodworking skills.
  17. Cycling: Enjoy scenic rides around your area for fitness and relaxation.
  18. Hiking: Explore local trails for exercise and beautiful views.
  19. Lettering and calligraphy: Learn the art of beautiful handwriting for invitations, cards, or artwork.
  20. Origami: Master the Japanese art of paper folding to make intricate designs.
  21. Painting: Express yourself through watercolor, acrylics, or oils on canvas.
  22. Sketching: Practice drawing with pencils, charcoals, or pens to improve your skills.
  23. Sewing: Sew clothes, accessories, or home decor items for a personalized touch.
  24. Quilting: Design and create warm quilts for your home or as thoughtful gifts.
  25. Home brewing: Experiment with brewing your own beer or cider at home.
  26. Aquarium keeping: Set up and maintain a beautiful aquarium with fish and aquatic plants.
  27. Pottery: Create pots, vases, or decorative items by learning to use a pottery wheel or hand-building techniques.
  28. Book club: Start or join a book club to discuss your latest reads with friends.
  29. Interior design: Study design principles and experiment by staging your living spaces.
  30. Beekeeping: Learn to keep bees and produce your own honey.
  31. Language learning: Pick a new language to learn for travel, fun, or brain health.
  32. Antiquing: Collect and learn about antique items, from furniture to collectibles.
  33. Astronomy: Explore the night sky with a telescope, learning about stars and constellations.
  34. Stand-up comedy: Write and practice your own comedy routines for local open mic nights.
  35. Tai Chi: Practice this gentle martial art for health, meditation, and balance.
  36. Birdhouse building: Craft birdhouses for your garden to attract various bird species.
  37. Cheese making: Experiment with making your own cheeses at home.
  38. Makeup artistry: Learn and practice new makeup techniques and trends.
  39. Magic and illusion: Master magic tricks to entertain family and friends.
  40. Philately: Start a stamp collection and learn about the history behind them.
  41. Lapidary: Learn to cut, polish, and make jewelry from gemstones.
  42. Video game development: Start learning to code and design your own simple video games.
  43. Writing poetry: Express your emotions and experiences through poetry.
  44. Fantasy sports: Manage your own team and compete in fantasy sports leagues.
  45. Martial arts: Learn a martial art for fitness, discipline, and self-defense.
  46. Ghost hunting: Explore the paranormal by visiting reputedly haunted places.
  47. DIY home repairs: Learn basic home repair skills to maintain and improve your home.
  48. Puppet making: Create unique puppets for storytelling or entertainment.
  49. Stargazing: Observe the stars and learn about the cosmos with just a telescope or binoculars.
  50. Fashion design: Design and create your own clothes or accessories for a unique wardrobe.
  51. Voice acting: Practice and record voice-overs for fun or as a potential freelance gig.
  52. Volunteering: Dedicate time to a cause you care about, from animal shelters to community gardens.
  53. Dancing: Learn a new dance genre online or at local classes for fun and exercise.
  54. Wine tasting: Educate your palate by learning to taste and appreciate wines.
  55. Archery: Pick up archery for focus, strength, and outdoor fun.
  56. Tarot reading: Learn to read tarot cards for personal insight or for friends.
  57. Stop-motion animation: Create your own stop-motion films with models or drawings.
  58. Kite making and flying: Build and fly kites at your local park or beach.
  59. Board game design: Invent your own board games for family and friends to play.
  60. Fermentation: Try fermenting vegetables, dairy, or grains for healthy probiotic foods.
  61. Sudoku and puzzles: Challenge your mind with sudoku, crosswords, or logic puzzles.
  62. Cosplay: Design and create costumes of your favorite characters for events or as a hobby.
  63. Martial arts: Explore different martial arts disciplines for both physical and mental wellness.
  64. Survival skills: Learn survival techniques and bushcraft for outdoor adventures.
  65. Paleontology: Study fossils and prehistoric life as a fascinating hobby.
  66. Astrology: Dive into astrology to learn about horoscopes and birth charts.
  67. Sailing: Experience the joy and challenge of sailing on local waters.
  68. Rally driving: Learn to drive rally cars for an adrenaline-pumping experience.
  69. Rock tumbling: Polish rocks and gems to reveal their hidden beauty.
  70. Model trains: Build and operate your own model train layouts.
  71. Paleoart: Create artwork depicting prehistoric life and landscapes.
  72. Aquarium aquascaping: Design stunning underwater landscapes in aquariums.
  73. Free diving: Explore underwater without scuba gear in safe environments.
  74. Underwater photography: Capture the beauty of marine life and seascapes through photography.
  75. Snorkeling: Discover marine life in shallow waters through snorkeling.
  76. Blacksmithing: Learn the traditional art of blacksmithing to craft metal objects.
  77. DIY crafts: Explore various DIY projects from home decor to handmade gifts.
  78. Amateur radio: Get licensed and communicate with people around the world through radio.
  79. Fossil hunting: Search for fossils in your local area as a way to connect with Earth’s history.
  80. Kombucha brewing: Brew your own kombucha with customized flavors.
  81. Urban exploration: Safely explore abandoned buildings and urban spaces.
  82. Snowboarding/skiing: Hit the slopes for thrilling snowboarding or skiing experiences.
  83. Hot air ballooning: Experience the serenity of floating above the landscape in a hot air balloon.
  84. Trampoline exercises: Use a trampoline for fun workouts that boost your mood and fitness.
  85. Ice skating: Enjoy the grace and challenge of ice skating at local rinks.
  86. Lock picking: Learn the skill of lock picking as a hobby (only use legally!).
  87. Online courses: Enrich your knowledge on any subject with online courses and certifications.
  88. Mountain biking: Tackle off-road trails with mountain biking for an adventure and workout.
  89. Speed cubing: Master solving the Rubik’s Cube and other puzzles as quickly as possible.
  90. Nature journaling: Document your observations of nature in a journal with drawings and notes.
  91. Foraging: Learn to safely identify and gather edible wild plants in your area.
  92. Permaculture: Design sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems in your garden.
  93. Story writing: Write short stories, novellas, or novels to unleash your creative storytelling.
  94. Environmental activism: Engage in activities and advocacy to protect the environment.
  95. Historical reenactment: Participate in or organize events to bring history to life.
  96. Drone piloting: Fly drones for photography, racing, or just for fun.
  97. Slacklining: Practice balancing and walking on a slackline for focus and fitness.
  98. Minimalism: Explore the minimalist lifestyle to reduce clutter and stress in your life.
  99. Upcycling: Transform old or discarded items into something new and useful.
  100. Crystal collecting: Collect and learn about the properties of various crystals and stones.



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