The #WriteGift for my Superhero Dad #SuperPen

Father’s Day is approaching faster than a freight train. Although, I am usually filled with ideas to give my father, sometimes I want to give him something extra special. That’s why I’m glad we got the chance to partner with CROSS Pens to promote their new Marvel collection. I feel like it’s the ideal #WriteGift to give to him.

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I know even though my Dad was hundreds of miles away from me when I was growing up, he still was my Super Hero. He lived in a big huge home, always drove nice fancy cars, and took me on big shopping trips when I was with him. Plus, we went on many vacations! I always wanted to be like him and live that kind of life too. Now I want him to share his life lessons with me and the future generations.

We have since learned that life isn’t about the fancy materialistic items we own, but more about the relationships we make in our lives that matter most. I’ve always believed that with age comes wisdom. My Dad has always been a man of few words, but when he spoke he always had wise words of advice. Now I want him to share his life lessons with me and the future generations.

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About CROSS Marvel Collection

CROSS teamed up with Marvel to provide us with their new Super Pens. The collection includes Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider Man. Currently,  the collection is available in two different styles. The one pictured in both of these images is the Century II Marvel Pen Collection. It retails for $150.00. The other option is the Tech2 Marvel Style Pen Collection which retails for $45.00. Either one or both of these pens would make an ideal gift for the father figure in your life.

CROSS pens are perfect for writing down loads of thoughts and bits of fatherly wisdom. If he’s a fan of the Marvel movies and comics then he’s sure to be eager to grip this pen.

What is on your list to give your Father this Father’s Day? 




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  1. Cool pen!

    My dad is retired Coast Guard and is super hard to shop for! I sent him this ridiculous Chantilly bear dressed in CG uniform that sings the Coastie song…semper something. It is equally adorable and silly 😀


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