The Perfect Mom’s Retreat

Moms need a special place to hide away. While some moms like to do gardening and other activities, choosing a room within the home to retreat is important. The best room in the house to retreat to is the bedroom. Every bedroom should be equipped with seven things to make it the perfect place to take refuge. Moms can opt for more if they so choose, but seven is the least. Consider these options for a comfortable room.

1. A Comfortable Mattress – People spend a third of their life in bed. It makes sense that a mattress should make a person feel comfortable. Life is too short for mums to feel tired. A good night’s rest and a comfortable place to lie down helps moms feel their best.

2. The Right Amount of Pillows – Every person has a pillow preference. It’s a good idea to opt for “too many” pillows than “not enough”. Having the right amount of pillows in the bedroom helps moms and dads to sleep well and relax.

3. A Fan – Having the air conditioner or heater on feels good at first; however, people find that they are either too hot or too cold in the middle of the night, and it’s difficult to get up to change the thermostat. Having the fan on, instead, allows people to either put on extra blankets or take them off to be the perfect temperature.

4. A Lock on the Door – Every mom needs to be alone at times. Also, moms need some privacy for intimate times. Moms can do very little alone. This can include trips to the bathroom. Having a lock on the door is important.

5. A Place to Sit – Whether a mom wants to read a book, put on her shoes or sit and relax, a comfy chair in the room provides a great alternative to sitting on the bed. A window seat is preferred.

6. A Nightstand – A nightstand provides the best place to put things, such as a glass of water or a reading book. It’s the perfect place to store other much-needed items, such as candy bars that can be hidden from the children.

7. A Theme – The bedroom is one place that a person should feel most calm. A mom should choose a theme that has her favorite colors and favorite items. She can visit fresh flowers for flowers in Adelaide to complete her theme.

 What do you need to have the perfect mom’s retreat in your home? 



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