The Holy Bible Modern English Version Review

I have a nice collection of Bibles that I enjoy reading. They all serve a purpose in my life for one reason or another. I have my homeschooling Bible that I read during the days that I’m going to teach the kids to help me with getting my day homeschooling day started off on the right foot. I have my Women’s Devotional Bible Classic Edition to help me when I just want to get that practical advice from another woman’s perspective. I also own my Couples’ Devotional Bible that is literally falling apart because I strive to keep my marriage in line with God’s word. Now thanks to Family Christian I have been given The Holy Bible Modern English Version to review in exchange for an honest blog review.

The Pros of this Bible

According to the preface to the reader section, The Holy Bible Modern English Version was created so that a person could “not only study with the help of the ministers, but also privately.” I have to say that while reading this Bible I found it easier to read and understand. In the middle section of each page, is a list of verses that correspond to the topics you’re reading about. Considering I like to read all related verses to a topic covered in my devotionals that is a nice feature for me to have while reading this Bible. The cover of this book seems to be really sturdy and looks like it will survive the test of time. It’s a bit smaller than my other Bibles so that is a huge plus.

The Cons of this Bible

The pages are very thin, and I do fear tearing them every time that I turn the page in the book. I have noticed that when I use my highlighter in The Holy Bible Modern English Version that it makes it very hard for me to read the pages behind it. That made it very clear that I could not turn this Bible into my next full time Bible. (My Couples’ Devotional Bible is on its last leg.) I honestly had hoped I could do that, but I like to mark verses that really speak to me and make notes in the margins about important messages concerning those verses that preachers have given me to remember. (I got into that habit from my adopted grand-mother.)  I miss reading devotionals in one book.

Win The Holy Bible Modern English Version

One lucky reader will win a copy of this Bible for them to read and use in their home. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form COMPLETELY to win. The winner must be a US resident 13 and older. The winner must respond to winning announcement email from me within 48 hours of it being sent from with the required information.

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Overall, I do feel this Bible is worth getting because it does make the Bible easier to understand. I know that more I understand something the more interested I am in learning more. You can buy this Bible from Family Christian while it’s on sale for $13.99 (regular price is $19.99.)

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9 comments on “The Holy Bible Modern English Version Review”

  1. We’ve got a few Bibles we like and I fear to have one with thin pages. Daughter has my favorite one all marked up with highlighter…should have hidden it.

    • I’m big on marking up my favorite Bible. When I take another one with me to church or Bible study, it feels so awkward to not do it.

    • I feel the same way. I love the wording of this Bible and find it a lot easier to read, but I feel trapped that I can’t mark my favorite things that I read.

  2. The bible is the ULTIMATE giveaway! Yea for you! It’s an exciting thing. If only I had FB, Twitter, or Instagram, I’d enter. But it will be an exciting thing for whomever wins. So glad you are doing this!

  3. I would like to see the middle column with the related verses. That’s a cool feature, and the price is great. Too bad about the thin pages.

    • The only way i’ve found around marking up bibles with thin pages is either using colored pencils (which work great) OR a GEL highlighter. Sharpe makes a yellow/pink ones that I use ALL THE TIME. They don’t bleed through and don’t dry out. Highly recommend them. You can find them in walmart…just look for the GEL HIGHLIGHTERS. Blessings…

    • Jason,

      Thank you so much for this tip because I have a few Bibles that have thin pages that I would love to use more because my main Bible is almost on it’s last leg. I will have to look these up for sure!


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