Halloween Train Decoration Project

I’m so glad to be back to share another fun simple craft to do with your kids. Halloween is right around the corner, and people are looking for ways to add some autumn decorations in their homes. I personally enjoy doing fun fall crafts with the grand kids. I decided to share with you my simple Halloween train decoration project.

Halloween Train Decoration Project
Recipe Type: Kids Craft
Cuisine: Kids Crafts
Author: Granny Lee
This is a simple activity that can be done in a short period of time.
  • 4 sheets of black construction paper
  • 4 sheets of orange construction paper
  • 2 black poster boards
  • 2 orange poster boards
  • 1 white poster board
  • fake skeletons from Dollar Tree
  • Package of various eyes from Dollar Tree
  • Lots of Elmers Glue
  • Kids safety scissors
  • Yarn or string
  • Pencils
  • Hole puncher
  • thumb tacks (or favorite hanging device)
  1. First you take stencils of your Halloween characters and trace them with your pencils.
  2. Then you cut the characters out.
  3. Then you take the construction paper and cut it into wide strips.
  4. Then you make circles with those strips rotating from orange to black (to make a long strip of circles)
  5. Put holes in your Halloween characters.
  6. Put strings through the holes and then tie each Halloween character at various places across the paper train.
  7. Then you put it up in your home using thumb tacks or your favorite hanging utensils.
  8. Admire your creation.

As you can see it’s a really simple kids craft to do with your kids in your life. I personally love how excited my grand kids got when they seen their creations hanging in their living room. Even their Mom and Dad were thrilled to display this creation in their homes. It really does have a way of making your home look more festive for Halloween.

What simple kids crafts have you done for Halloween? 




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  1. Cute! I think kids are blessed when we celebrate and embrace each day, holiday, season or event to its fullest. Really cute train! The kids will always remember that!


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