The Garden Project with Miracle Gro

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My mother-in-law is a big time gardener. She has a huge garden going every year. All throughout the year, she also has flowers and plants of some kind growing all throughout the year.

My mother-in-law has been  a huge fan of Miracle-Gro for years now. She has had many gardens in her lifetime. She’s grown many different types of plants as well.

She decided to teach our kids how to grow some plants this year. Delbert has been in charge of carrots, and Jimmy has been helping with bits of all of the plants. She loves checking out Miracle Gro’s Pinterest page for fun garden projects to do with her grand-kids. You can gain some pretty resourceful tips and tricks on their Pinterest page too.

Right now Miracle Gro is giving out some neat ideas with The Gro Project  that they have on their Facebook page. She didn’t decide to do any of these exact projects with the kids. However, she has already planted a nice flower bed with the kids using the Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil.  I think she may do that because she lets the kids water her plants all the time.

This is just one of their many beautiful creations this year. I am glad that she teaches my kids about the art of keeping nature alive and thriving. It’s such a wonderful skill for them to have. Plus I enjoy watching the plants grow and enjoying the fresh garden vegetables when they are ready.

What is your gardening tip?

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2 comments on “The Garden Project with Miracle Gro”

  1. I am reading the new Jen Lancaster book right now and she has a whole chapter dedicated to her love of Miracle-Gro…I, on the other hand, have no gardening tips. My claim to fame is that I once killed a cactus! ;)-Ashley

    • Thanks for commenting still. 🙂 I personally have no gardening skills either, but I admire my mother-in-law (and kids) garden every year!

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