The College Buying Guide: 6 Things You ABSOLUTELY Need To Buy

Every year throughout high school, school supplies go on sale. From school bags to notebooks, students everywhere stock up and get ready to hit the books hard when they go to school again. When it comes to college, this doesn’t change, except that students need a lot more than just notepads and pens to get them through their lectures.

When it comes to college, you are the boss. You are not only in charge of the things that you buy for your freshman year, you’re in charge of your entire education. No one is going to stop you if you want to sack off lectures and not attend seminars, but you will be wasting your money and losing your own education if you don’t go. The six items in this list are an absolute must-buy before you go. Take your parents shopping with you and get stocked up for the most important first day that you will ever have in your life.

  1. Chargers. Chargers for all electronics are a must, as are back-ups. You’ll need a laptop and you’ll obviously be bringing your phone with you, so you need chargers and spare wires brought with you. Most laptops come with huge cables, and this is usually because they have to have a decent reach in your dorm. Try out these portable chargers that can charge all your electronics with one product.
  2. Bedding. Being away from home is overwhelming and for some, scary, especially if it’s the first time. Checking out can help you to decide the type of bedding to bring with you to college, making your whole experience easier to manage. Bring that comforter from home, too, you’ll miss it otherwise.
  3. Water. Most colleges have refill fountains around campus. Ditch the plastic disposable bottles and go for a leak and spill-proof water bottle instead that you can fill as you go.
  4. Fitness Tech. Ever heard of the Freshman 15? Well, you can avoid it happening to you with fitness tech that tracks your steps as you go from lecture to lecture. It’ll also be a talking point and help you until you can get signed up to the campus gym.
  5. Sandals. Communal shower space, anyone? If you’re sharing bathrooms with other students, you need to make sure you bring some waterproof sandals with you. Ideally, you need a pair that won’t make you slip on the tiles, so shop around.
  6. Netflix. As a student, you’ll spend most of your time taking notes and writing assignments. If anyone asks you what they could get you as a going away present if you’re leaving town, ask for a Netflix subscription. You may be a student and you may be busy, but you still need some down time!

College fast approaches and you need to pack and get ready. Don’t forget the items above on your list; you’ll soon regret it if you get there and have no way of watching your favourite TV shows!




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