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Technology has infiltrated just about every human discipline on the planet. From sports to business environments and beyond, but there is no single discipline more exciting than the educational realm. Advances in e-learning and online content have made access to quality education more affordable and widespread than ever before.

The main objective of any technological device produced today is to make life simplified. If you really think about it all the technology you own allows you to complete a task with greater ease and less effort. These gadgets are perfect for students, making learning life more fun and interesting than your school days, and are as fun to use as no deposit casino bonuses for mobile.


If you’re entering a new phase of your life and you find yourself off to university or college the following gadgets are perfectly optimized for students.

Get All Round Sound With The AuraBox

The AuraBox from Divoom is a nifty Bluetooth speaker perfect for the kitchen or bedroom. The 5W speaker packs an impressive punch and even though it won’t be the life of the party the speaker is loaded with some clever features.

Control the LED lights on the front panel of the speaker via a nifty app, display the time and even set it up to show you Social Media notifications. It’s a winner for personal sound in and around your dorm or commune.

Get Better Rest With The Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30

The Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 aims to provide you with a refreshed, wake up feeling every morning by simulating the gradual changes in the light of dawn for over thirty minutes.

This smart, light infused alarm clock also works in reverse. If you have trouble sleeping simply set the light to fade for thirty minutes to help you get better shuteye at night. Perfect for University students, that keep odd hours constantly.

Back Up Your Writing

The traditional pen and paper will never completely die. In an age where the digital revolution and wearables have changed basics; even note taking, the digital medium is meeting conventional norms and the results are wicked. One such example of this technology is the Moleskine Smart Writing Set.

The Italian stationer has combined traditional formats with the digital realm. Take notes and have them automatically backed up on your device while you jot your thoughts down. Perfect for the aspiring writer or creative drawer eager to view work both digitally and on paper.

Beans On Toast In One Go

While University captures some of the best days of your life, student food will always be student food. Welcome to a world of beans on toast, as you spend whatever you save on the entertainment Universities and colleges offer.

The Tefal Slice Toast N Bean Available directly from Argos is a nifty little gadget that kills two birds with one stone. Crank up the toaster to perfectly crisp your selection of bread and pop 200 grams worth of baked beans in the side compartment to make the perfect student meal; beans on toast in a flash.



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