For the Love of Bingo

I live in on the outskirts of a decent size town. However, there is not very many forms of entertainment options available for a family or even a couple to do around here. We literally have to drive at least 45 minutes to an hour one way to enjoy doing anything fun. Just recently they shut down our only theater in the town. We long lost our bowling alley. We even had a bingo place not too long ago, but it was very short lived. We’ve had an arcade at one point, but it too got shut down.

I can remember my mom and I going to play bingo when I was younger. She’d get super excited when she would win the grand prize. I think the most money she gained was $500. I have heard so many women talk about how much they love to go play bingo and win the wonderful prizes. Of all of those wonderful places, the bingo and bowling alleys were the most enjoyable.

However, there is an option for some people to play bingo through FoxyBingo online. They even have big jackpots like a normal bingo place does. This site is only open to countries that do allow it legally. They even start games every 3-5 minutes as well. So there isn’t much time that one has to wait to join in the fun. This site gives a person the comfort of taking those chances from the comfort of their own home. Plus they get to stand the chance to earn even bigger prizes. If your a fellow bingo lover, this may be a site of interest for you.



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