Take Your Abuser To Court With a Good Attorney

I took my abuser to court back in 1993, and we lost due the fact that our attorney withheld evidence that he had to help him win the case. However, I believe we may have won had we used attorneys known for winning cases involving sexual abuse such as sex abuse attorney. To this day, I honestly wonder when God is going to induce his justice against our abuser.
I literally have flash backs from time to time when Del does certain things to me. When he does, it sends me into a very dark place that is hard to come out of. If he has any type of beard, I have an extremely hard time looking at him. According to him, I look at him like I hate him. I definitely can’t have sex worth a dime with him when he has one, if at all. It causes major arguments between us because he can’t understand that although yes, I love him; I can’t look at him the same when he has a beard.

Taking The Abuser to Trial Does Help

A person who is abused in any way shape or form will forever have issues of some kind. However, we have to learn how live to the best of our ability. Many people don’t face their abusers and try to do something about it. I did try and he walked away scott free. I do know that God will give him his due justice when he sees fit. Knowing that I did try to put him behind bars (even though I was still a minor) I do feel a lot better. If there was a way that I could retry putting him in jail, I’d do it all over again. I honestly have considered contacting sex abuse lawyers to see if I’m able to retry since I’m an adult now. I hate knowing that he’s walking around and able to do this other people.
If you want to prevent your abuser from being able to harm someone else, you may want to look into obtaining an attorney who specializes in dealing with victims of sexual abuse. Even though I didn’t win my case, I do NOT regret taking him to court. It gave me a personal strength knowing that I showed him that although he hurt me for life and may have scared me for a period of time, I was still willing to stand up to him. I can see why having an attorney who specializes in these types of cases such sex abuse attorneys would be of benefit.

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  1. This is a very moving and informative post. It lets others know they are not alone and something can be down to get out of that dark whole they have been forced into. Thanks for sharing.


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