Stories from the Golden Age- Audiobook Review

Guest post from my mother-in-law:

This is a well-made audio book. I truly enjoyed the fact that I could hear the book live. Plus all the added 3D features that were a part of this audio book. The three stories on this audio book are Thief, Battle of Wizards, and The Dangerous Dimension.

The first story was about a newspaper man named Pop. He was about to lose his job, but being an Ace reporter he found the story of a lifetime. I’ll only tell you this much. This professor only wanted to help move freight, but no one would listen. So he took matters in his own hands. Pop made sure to get his points across. This story will hold you until the end.

The second was about mining on a strange plant called Deltoid. To rule here you must bear magic. Did science win? Listen and learn. Another good story.

The last one was the best one. (They saved the best for last.) This one is about a professor named Henry Mud who loves mathematical and equation types of activities. When he learned to use them to go places, he may or may not have wanted to go. Do you wish it was really possible? Be careful what you may wish for.


Disclosure: I truly enjoyed listening to this audiobook. I look forward to reading more. I did receive this audiobook in exchange for a blog review, but that in no way affected my opinion of it.



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