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We are entering into our hot spring and summer weather here in SC. It’s vital that we keep ourselves hydrated. This is especially true for Zeva because if she gets to hot she starts to have seizures. For years, I’ve considered getting a water dispenser for our home. NewAir reached out to me about reviewing a few of their products and I was thrilled!

I couldn’t wait to try out the NewAir Water Dispenser  because I’ve been drinking Aquafina waters ever since I moved into my current home due to the taste of our water. There are many things added to our well water that has made me feel like it is anything but safe to drink.

I love that this NewAir Water Dispenser is made with BPA-Free making my water safer and chemical free to drink. It leaves our water tasting fresh and clean. The water is cool and ready to drink. My kids love that aspect of owning this.

Everyone who has tried this water has been impressed with how well it tastes to drink it. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals taking away from the natural taste of water. I’ve always been a water drinker and am a firm believer that water tastes different depending on its source.

Although, I still say AquaFina has a slightly better taste to it. I am impressed with the quality of the water that is made through using the NewAir Spring WAT20W BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser combined with the NewAir Pure Spring WAT 10W 3-gallon Top Loading Water Filter Bottle.

The water filter bottle allows us to use our well water in the system and still get clean water to drink. It’s easy to use and clean. Once it’s set up there isn’t much that needs to be done with it. We have to fill ours up several times a day because our kids LOVE drinking water now. Plus, my husband likes his tea to be made with this water too. One needs to be sure that they don’t overfill it because it does end up leaking water if that is done.

Enter To Win One

Right now NewAir is hosting a giveaway for someone to win one of their water systems. The entry form is very simple to fill out. I do not know the exact terms of the giveaway, but you can contact NewAir to find out more. I do know it ends on May 15, 2016. Be sure to click on the image below for your chance to win.

Here’s a short video telling you a bit more about the system.

You can gain more information about NewAir products by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and  YouTube.

Do you think this would get your family to drink more?




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