The Big Spooky Test

Jimmy has his first PASS test tomorrow. I do declare I don’t know who’s more nervous about it him or me. After all, I’ve been the primary one teaching him for the past two years. I know I’ve done my darn best to ensure that he has had every opportunity in the world to learn everything.

I think what scares me more than him knowing the material is whether or not he’ll apply himself during the test. He gets these burrs up his behind, and he doesn’t want to do jack on a test. It makes him look bad and causes so many people to start to wonder if he really is taught anything. When in reality, he’s actually quite advanced for his age group with the amount of knowledge he has. He’s had plenty of teachers confirm what I’m saying after talking to him and asking him questions just to see what he knows out of curiosity. The same is true for Delbert. However, ALL of us have this terrible “test taking plaque.”

As long as he doesn’t get in one of his moods, I feel confident that he’ll do well on this test tomorrow and Wednesday. However, it’s hard to tell if that’s going to happen or not. I just have to have faith in him. At times that is hard to do.

So please, oh please, say a little prayer for him tomorrow. He is a smart brilliant child, and I honestly long to see him gain all that he is able to achieve if only he’d stay focused.





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