Soul Surfer–My Movie Review….

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie were: 
It’s hard to see things clearly when your to close. 
She’s going to be really lost if all she thinks she can do is surf. 
Love is bigger than any title wave or fear. 

My husband has been trying to get me to watch this movie ever since it came out on DVD because I’ve gotten into other surfer movies because I’m totally impressed with their ability. (Just like I love dancing movies for the same reason.) The boys and I finally saw a preview for it yesterday, and we all agreed it would be a good movie to watch. 

It touched my heart strings because even though I can’t surf, I can totally relate to loving do something with a passion so intense and so few can really understand that passion unless you have a passion about doing something yourself. I’m glad to see that she didn’t blame God, but yet, she did question why it happened. However, she was right there ready to do God’s work!! I loved the entire movie. 

Since I broke my ankle and middle finger in 2006, I have been limited to the things that I can do. I honestly and truly want to run again, but I’m so far out of shape that I’ll literally need someone to hold my hand to get me to that point. (I needed it when I was skinny and in good health too due to my asthma issue and being afraid of pushing myself to hard.) The girl in the movie had her family to support her to get back into surfing. I can’t say that my family truly believes that I want to run and be able to do everything I could before my ankle injury. 
However, another thing it brought back for me was the fact that I gave up riding horses due to having to give up my pride and joy, Tripp due to his health issues. When I gave him up, I felt so guilty for wanting to ride another horse. Tripp was my partner and my best friend literally. I took him from being green broke to being able to practically anything with him. Horses were in my blood. As my mom put it I was riding long before I was born literally, and she literally had four professional trainers teach me how to ride a horse, and then one day it all clicked for me. I still to this day share a special bond with horses. However, due to my ankle, I can’t just jump on a horse the way I use to could. It’s not that easy to kick a horse the way, some of them need it. So, I feel limited with them, and for me that’s a huge set back!! I can’t afford a horse right now, but one day I know I will be able to again. Del has assured me when that time comes we will make certain we get horses.
The girl in the movie was an inspiration. As many people who overcome major events such as her’s in their lives are!! I’m only partially disabled now, but I can relate to them more clearly now. I don’t take my physical abilities for granted. It irks me when I see people do it all around me. 
Soul Surfer is a great family movie, and I would recommend for anyone seeking some inspiration in their lives!!



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