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I am sitting in my office watching my kids play outside with each other on this beautiful spring day and it occurred to me that they lack true personal leadership skills. I have never put much thought into how I lead my own life versus being a leader for others. It’s true we can’t be a valuable leader for others until we lead ourselves in the correct manner.

When Concordia University Online approached me about doing a sponsored campaign reviewing their Functioning Above Entry Level class I didn’t fully see the benefit of taking it. Since I consider myself to be a strong leader given my prior management history, I was still interested enough to check it out. Like Concordia University Online, I do believe in us all having a calling in our lives to do certain things. I have my own that I have yet to fulfill like I know I should.

Concordia University Online’s Functioning Above Entry Level free class is made to help people to “fully understand their personal strengths and gain the confidence needed to boldly move forward in their callings.”

If you’re like me and have a lot of irons in the fire, you’re still able to take this class because it doesn’t require a lot of time commitment at all. You will receive an introductory email and then three emails for the individual sections for the classes. Once you complete it you’ll get a thank you email after you complete the course. Again the course is free, delivered to your inbox, and takes about 1 week and 3-4 hours to complete.

This free course will help you examine:

  • Internal forces – This is the things such as personality, emotions, and biological factors that affect you.
  • External aspects- This covers how you react to society, work place, and education.
  • Developing emotional intelligence- This covers what emotional intelligence is and how you can use it to expand your personal growth and build up your relationships.
  • Developing social intelligence- This helps you to better handle your relationships and environment around you.

While taking this course you’ll be able to watch videos from the well-known personal leadership expert, Dr. Kenneth Harris, read essays, take interactive polls, and download journals to help you throughout the course. All of the content from this class comes from the Concordia University Wisconsin’s 100% one-year Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration calls.

What I Learned

I feel this class helped me to see how many roadblocks I put in my own way as well as those I let distract me from reaching my personal potential. I’m not saying that this class has magically helped me to overcome them overnight. However, I will say that it gave me plenty to ponder on.

I have mentioned repeatedly that my emotions rule me in many ways. My personal fight with depression has a lot to do with that. Yet, in my heart I know that’s not an excuse nor should I use it as one.

I am one of those people who becomes more productive when I have someone pushing me along the way. I can achieve a good bit on my own, but without an outside force pushing me I tend to get easily distracted.

I’ve always known that I’m socially awkward. I have always been considered a loner. I do well with one-on-one settings, but when I’m in a group setting I am the one observing from a corner. I feel this class made me realize that I need to come out of my bubble more and increase my social intelligence.

This course is worth taking the time to do.

You can sign up and take Functioning Above Entry Level today for FREE.




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