Sickness Sunday…

Okay, this cotton pickin’ sickness has started off with Zeva over two weeks ago, then went to Delbert, then Jimmy, and then back to Zeva,…and then it hit me hard today!!! I tried to keep on doing “Mommy” tasks for the day, but after lunch time…that all went out the window!! I had also planned on going to church as well. I’ve barely touched my computer today. (So, if I didn’t stop by your blog like I normally do on Sunday’s…at least you know why now.)

I was laughing my tail end off at a lady’s blog post talking about having a sleep deprived Mommy. Guess what happened to us….we had a sleepless night last night because Zeva got really sick!! We tried everything under the sun to get her to sleep. She still didn’t sleep a whole lot today either, but when she crashed, so did I even if it was only in thirty minute increments. All I could think about was the fact that I was laughing about that blog because I’d already “lived through it.” Then low and behold, I’m LIVING it again!!

Tonight is also my season finales for two of my shows, and my recorder hasn’t been working worth a dime lately. I don’t want to risk missing anything. However, my bed is calling me something fierce, and I’m willing to bank I could get Del to go to bed early tonight without to much convincing.

I love fall, but we usually have one big sickness hit our home this time of year every year with at least one of us. It’s just a part of life.

Yes, I’d love to have a chunk of cheese and crackers with all of my whining I’m doing. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much. Today is a lot better than yesterday was for me. Zeva has no voice, but seems a lot happier since I got her prescription filled finally.

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