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The kids enjoyed getting to know the Neon Tiki Tribe. There is Zeke (blue) the leader who loves a challenge (whom we categorized as Del), Tia (pink) who is the smartest tiki who can solve any problem (whom we categorized as myself), Dar (green) who is the fastest tiki who enjoys anything extreme (whom we categorized as Jimmy), and Mowah (orange) who is the strongest tiki with a big appetite (whom we categorized as Delbert.) The boys enjoyed feeling like they were a particular character of the stories. Tiki stands for “thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and individual.”
We read the “Bullies: Playground Push-Around” story. We choose that book first because the boys have both dealt with bullies in their schools that they attended. Delbert took great pride in the fact that Mowah (his character) was able to help Maya through her bullying situation.
The boys read the other two books by themselves. They decided afterwards that they wanted to be a part of the “tiki tribe.” That definitely made this Momma proud!!
You can learn more about this product for your kids at their website at Neon Tiki Tribe.
**Special note their books are dyslexia friendly.” Which since I suffer with that, it’s a wonderful thing for me!!**



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