Sharing a Love Story With Hamburger Helper Recipe


I’ve mentioned many times over now that I was pretty much on my own from the time I was nine years old once my Mom and I moved to SC. I had to learn how to cook pretty early in my life. One of the first things I learned how to cook was Hamburger Helper recipe. I can remember the feeling of being proud of the fact that I was able to conquer such a “grown up meal.” Little did I know how many times I’d end up cooking Hamburger Helper in my life. When I started eating it, there was very few flavors available. Now there is a LONG list of new Hamburger Helper recipes available.

When I first met Del I was eager to impress him and the first meal I cooked him was Hamburger Helpers Cheeseburger Macaroni. Little did I know at the time, but he paid a heavy price every time he ate it because it has onions in it. He’s allergic to them and has a major bit of pain every time he eats them. Bless his heart he still continued to say how good it was. Plus he’d ask for it repeatedly knowing it was one of the few meals I knew how to cook at the time. There are still times when he wants to go down memory lane with me and he requests I make him “our first meal” again.

 Quick Dinner Meal That Kids Enjoy

Hamburger Helper recipes have become a meal that my kids enjoy now too. They love the variety of flavors that are available to choose from. Plus it is such a quick dinner idea that it is one we can make on our hectic days. Since the kids are learning how to cook too, and it’s one of the first meals I learned how to make the tradition seems to have been passed down to my kids too. Take advantage of getting FREE ground beef with the rebate that is available now to make this hearty meal for your family tonight.

About the Free Ground Beef Rebate:

1. Visit your local grocer, and purchase three Hamburger Helper products and Ground Beef.
2. Visit the campaign landing page.[egg id=”0″] You will see the digital rebate: “Free Ground Beef, when you buy 3 boxes of Helper.” Please note that you may also buy Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper.

3. Click on the rebate.
4. Print and mail in the rebate form.

Hamburger Helper Recipe Rebate Form Get FREE Hamburger! Click this image to get yours!!

What memories do you have of using Hamburger Helper in your life?



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  1. I remember using Hamburger Helper years ago too. I can’t remember the 1st meal I learned to cook though, maybe it was grilled cheese.

    • The only reason I remember mine so well is because it was the first meal I cooked for Del because it was the only thing I really knew how to cook. I’m still NOT a huge cook.

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